Who is Teddy Carver On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Mary & Jessica Have A Complicated Past

I have to say, even though I know Mary Drake isn't as innocent as she seems (given that she was secretly working with Dr. Rollins), she certainly knows how to deliver a heartbreaking speech. But is it really true? Another piece of Mary Drake's backstory has come to light on Pretty Little Liars , which involves what supposedly happened to land her in Radley in the first place. Back when they were 14, Jessica was babysitting a baby named Teddy Carver who wouldn't stop crying, so she asked Mary to come over and help. But when Mary got there, Jessica claimed the child was napping and ditched to go hang out with friends. However, it turned out that Teddy was dead and Mary was left with the blame. But who is Teddy Carver on Pretty Little Liars ? His family could be the ones who set Charlotte's death into motion.

I mean, think about it. This would totally give Teddy's family members a reason to take Mary's child away from her, much like they thought she did to them. (Even though, according to Mary, Jessica was the one to blame.) The only problem is that the name Carver doesn't ring any bells in our Rosewood rolodex, which means these are either brand new characters or someone we know is using a different name. The latter feels like the most likely option since it's much more shocking when it involves characters you already know.

But who could this Carver family be? Is Teddy still alive and trying to seek his revenge? (The only Ted we've been introduced to is Pastor Ted and I somehow doubt he's involved in this.) Is it a family member who can't get over the past? At this point it's anyone's guess. The only major clue we have going for us right now is that anyone involved with the incident back then has to be significantly older now. Could Teddy be connected to Noel Kahn on his mother's side? What about Jenna? These characters will be returning to the show later this reason and maybe this is why. Either way, I think we can all agree that there's way more to this story than meets the eye and it's eventually going to lead to an epic reveal.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform