Sum 41 Has A New Song & It’ll Bring You Right Back To Your Teen Angst Days, In A Good Way

You may think you've left your melodramatic teenage years behind, but then Sum 41 releases a new song to trigger your memories, and you realize that there is no escaping your inner emo kid. Here's the catch, though. Getting reacquainted with your past self isn't always a bad thing, and hearing this brand new jam with an old school feel totally proves it. Sum 41's song, "Fake My Own Death" is a callback to those angst ridden middle school and high school days, except with a much needed, more grown up feel.

As excited as I am and you probably are about this early 2000s rallying cry, there's probably no one more pumped for Sum 41's reemergence than Deryck Whibley himself. The singer wrote this on Sum 41's Facebook page about the song release, saying,

Today is the day, we can’t wait any longer! You guys have been so patient and so awesome. We wanted you to have this, even though we’re still putting the final touches on the album and haven’t officially picked the first single yet... a new song with a video so you can see what the f*ck we’re up to these days! Thank you all for being so patient! This one is for all the skumf*ks! '13 VOICES' will be screaming on OCT. 7! - deryck

He has good reason to be excited. "Fake My Own Death" is high energy and perhaps a bit more nuanced than their old music, while still maintaining Sum 41's genuine, "sticking it to the man" kind of social commentary feel. More than that though, is that this song filled a hole in my angsty music-loving heart that I didn't previously know was empty. It proves that there's a space for them and it bodes well for their new album that they can still produce the music we so loved as kids, but that they too have grown up along with us.

You can check out "Fake My Own Death" below, and jam along with me:

*Cuts thick side bang, applies heavy eyeliner, picks a fight with parents* Yes, listening to the rest of this Sum 41, 13 Voices album should be fun.