Istanbul Ataturk Attack Memes & Tributes To Share To Show Your Support

The latest in a string of devastating terrorist attacks rocked the city of Istanbul Tuesday, killing more than 40 people and injuring over 200 at the city's Ataturk airport. As the world struggles to understand and process the violence from near and far, millions have turned to social media to express their grief and sadness at the horrific attack. The memes for the Istanbul victims are a beautiful tribute to the people who lost their lives in this latest act of terror.

In these situations, it’s tough to feel like anything is really being done by posting on social media. There are a few ways you can seek to help the Istanbul victims — by giving blood, if you are in the region, or money towards aid groups — but you shouldn't discount the power of social media either. The collectivism of the international community at a time like this proves that things are slowly but surely changing for the better.

When people around the world come together to mourn and share their grief, it facilitates the interconnectedness and personal connection that will is needed to combat terrorism. Using social media as a tool to bring the world together is an amazing goal, and these memes honoring the Istanbul victims show that people can achieve it.

These pictures are more than just social media posts. They are condolence cards from all over the world, proving how much people from across the globe care about the Istanbul victims. Their powerful sentiment reminds everyone that Turkey has the world's support, and that the victims of this tragedy won't be forgotten.