Prince Harry Sings With Coldplay & Continues Being The Fun-Loving, Yet Brilliant, Royal We Need — VIDEO

Prince Harry is no stranger to charitable events, and he has proven himself to be a true and humble humanitarian. This past March, Prince Harry put his feminist side on display during a rousing speech at the Nepal Girl Summit, which called for action to support women's rights around the world, and now Harry has called on some of his superstar friends to help him support another issue near and dear to his heart: the fight against AIDS. His charity Sentebale hosted a concert at Kensington Palace and Prince Harry joined Coldplay onstage, proving that he is following in his mother's footsteps with heart, passion, and a little fun thrown in.

What I have always admired about watching Prince Harry grow up in the public eye is that he has always been real. In a time when the opinion of the monarchy can seem dated and, quite frankly, boring, Prince Harry is a breath of fresh air with his humility and eagerness to show off his passion for his projects. Harry puts his fun-loving personality in even the most serious of endeavors, like arranging this Sentebale charity event with one of the hottest bands in the world and getting on stage to sing and dance with them, which will, of course, draw even more attention to the important work being done. This is the kind of man we need to set an example.

This event was the first ever charity concert on the East Lawn of the Kensington Palace, and was organized for Sentebale, the charity Prince Harry founded in 2006 along with the Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. Sentebale is a Lesotho word meaning "forget-me-not," which Harry explained on the official site is the perfect sentiment to describe the lives of the people he wants to help who are battling HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. And in order to make the biggest waves with his benefit, Harry called upon Coldplay, who were fresh off of a sold-out performance at Glastonbury Festival.

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According to ABC News, Martin told the crowd that Coldplay was proud to support Harry for the important work he was doing to help those in need around the world. They played a 10 song set, ending with a beautiful rendition of their song "Up&Up" with the Basotho Youth Choir, with help from Harry himself. The prince looked ecstatic to be on stage performing with the children who flew in from Lesotho for the benefit, and the image conjures up the spirit of his late mother, Princess Diana, who was a devoted AIDS and children's advocate throughout much of her life.

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In fact, much of the inspiration behind Sentebale was to continue the work that Princess Diana began in her life and it's clear that Prince Harry is following in her footsteps, albeit in his own new way. According to E! News, Prince Seesio of Lesotho had these wonderful words to say to the crowd about Harry:

"To you, my dear friend and brother Harry, I wish to pay a very special tribute. You came to Lesotho as a young man and today you stand tall and proud and are walking among the giants. You are making a difference. That is a testimony to the mother that we so love, that is Princess Diana... You in her footsteps have gone beyond the call of duty and gone to those dark corners and reached out your hand to the most vulnerable children of Africa and in particular, Lesotho. Harry got up and went to Lesotho and said to the children of Lesotho, 'I am part of you.'"

Through most of his recent charity work and projects, Prince Harry is on a path that follows his mother's spirit, but with his own flavor. Prince Harry is the royal of the future — a man who isn't afraid to be honest, sensitive, and fun (while having a dance) — and still undoubtedly making his mother, and country, very proud by doing good.