James Van Der Beek Does His Weirdest Impression Yet In This 'Mad Decent Block Party' Promo — VIDEO

Is there no end to the talents of James Van Der Beek? I only ask because the actor has consistently managed to be involved in a slew of weird, wonderful, spectacular and flat-out-amazing projects since his time starring as teary-eyed Dawson Leery in Dawson's Creek. And now, the Beek-from-the-Creek has another idiosyncratic short to add to his ever increasing portfolio of wonder: starring as Diplo in a promotional video for the Mad Decent Block Party tour. And yes, it's just as fabulous as you might imagine. In the absurd video, Van Der Beek impersonates Diplo perfectly, dropping "fam" bombs whilst being casually possessed with a friendly cockiness, but the true genius of the impression is how the actor amplifies Diplo's extravagant lifestyle whilst casually shrugging it off as being pretty standard stuff. Van Der Beek casually struts down hallways full of airborne money and dancing ladies, and even rides off on a beautiful white horse at the end of the video, all of which is played tone-perfectly as being "just life" for the 37-year-old DJ and producer.

Considering how Van Der Beek has done a pretty stellar job of featuring in a number of self-parody projects or simply appearing as the ultimate, witty yet slightly odd guest appearance in a number of music videos, movies, and TV shows, it's hardly a surprise that Diplo chose the actor to portray him in a promotional video in which he wanted to self-parody himself. Take a look for yourself by watching "Day In The Life Of Diplo" featuring Van Der Beek below.

Over time, Van Der Beek has become the king of low profile, self-parody and unexpected guest appearances, and you know what? I love it, and to celebrate that, here are a selection of some of Van Der Beek's finest guest appearances:

"Blow" by Ke$ha

Playing himself, Van Der Beek (or "Van Der Douche" as Ke$ha calls him), has a bit of a score to settle with the singer and turns up at a surreal party full of tuxedo'd party goers with horses heads. The two of them battle it out by shooting — whatever else — rainbows at each other until poor old Van Der Beek loses the battle and becomes a "Van Der Dead" head mounted on Ke$ha's wall.

Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23

This sadly short-lived comedy starring a perfect-as-ever Krysten Ritter had Van Der Beek playing an overstated and egotistical version of himself to ridiculously hilarious effect.


Not every actor would take being turned into a widespread, famous meme quite as well as Van Der Beek did when he was able to openly mock his meme-status in this video from Funny Or Die. In it he delivers exactly what he thinks the internet has demanding from him all this time: "more intense emotional close-ups" of his face. Genius.


This unauthorised, fan-made movie based on the Power Rangers universe surprised everyone when it was released back in February 2015, and one of the most surprising things about it was that it mysteriously starred none other than Van Der Beek. The casting decision puzzled the press, but the actor soon explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he was eager to star in the project as he thought that director, Joseph Kahn was a "crazy visionary" and that he liked the idea of making something which they could "give ... away for free to fans." Which is pretty cool.

Asshole For Hire

Beginning the video by apologising for playing "sensitive do-gooder Dawson Leery" and thus setting impossibly high expectations for the women who grew up swooning over the character, this comedy sketch has Van Der Beek jokingly suggesting that he's happy to redress the balance. Showing up in the middle of arguments, the actor turns seemingly bad boyfriends into comparable heroes in their eyes of their girlfriends by being horrifically obnoxious and thus ruining the sweet facade of Dawson forever. What a guy.

Dilf Khakis

Mocking adverts which try to sexualize even the most mundane of fashion items, Dilf Khakis has Van Der Beek going OTT with his sexiness, writhing about on the pole of a lawn trimmer and soaking himself whilst washing the car, it's a refreshing role reversal which comes with the added bonus of reminding us that actually, Dawson's still got it.

Like, seriously — can someone just give Van Der Beek his own Curb Your Enthusiasm-style sitcom already and be done with it? I'm so totally ready for that to happen.

Images: Youtube/Diplo; crazyintheeast.tumblr.com/Giphy