This Tortilla Towel Will Turn You Into The Human Burrito Of Your Dreams

If, like so many of us, you consider burritos to be the ultimate superfood, a gift from the heavens that packs all five food groups into a single, beautiful foil package, a silver testament to all that is worthwhile in the universe... then you’re gonna want this giant tortilla towel. That’s right, you can finally be the human burrito you’ve always dreamed of being. No more gazing jealously upon taco fillings in their loving tortilla embrace — now you, too, can know what it’s like to snuggle up to a flour tortilla.

The Tortilla Towel is the brainchild of Mary, Sarah, I-Ping, and Chelsey of &Friends. It’s 5 feet across, with photorealistic images of flour tortillas on both sides, and it costs $35, or roughly the equivalent of five Chipotle burritos. You can take it to the beach, or on a picnic, or you can dress up as beans, rice, and guacamole and wear the towel wrapped around you for a full on taco-cosplay (tacosplay?). I don’t judge.

This towel will also allow you to eat a taco while also being a taco, which will result in a rift in the space-time continuum that will either be hilarious or send you into a crippling existential taco crisis. Either way, it’ll be entertaining for the rest of us.

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Like tortillas themselves, the Tortilla Towel is endlessly versatile. You can be…

A taco!

Or a quesadilla!

Or a burrito!

Doesn’t being a burrito look cozy?

The Tortilla Towel is available for purchase here.

Images courtesy of &Friends; YouTube (3)