11 Citrus Desserts Because They’re the Only Thing We’ll Miss About Winter

When it’s the dead of winter and we’ve given up all hope of seeing flowers or sunshine ever again, there’s only one thing that makes up for the cold-weather apocalypse outside: really, really good citrus. But March is already here, which means those juicy oranges and grapefruits will soon be out of season. Until then, we’re throwing a citrus fest — and you’re invited. From lemon meringue pie to cheesecake, these tart treats are the perfect farewell to winter.

Image: Hummingbird High

Lemon Bars

Crumbly crust, bright filling, and powdered sugar on top…it doesn’t get much better than this classic lemon bar from Joy the Baker.

Image: Joy the Baker

Burnt Caramel Orange Custards

Smoky caramel meets orange zest and whipped cream. Oh yeah. Thanks, Hummingbird High!

Image: Hummingbird High

Grapefruit Cake

Sure, grapefruit can be a little bitter, but once you get to know each other, it’ll show you its sweeter side. Kate’s Short and Sweets has a rich almond cake for even the staunchest grapefruit detractors.

Image: Kate’s Short and Sweets

Candied Kumquat Tart

Kumquats are the Solange to orange’s Beyonce. They may be coming out of their big sister’s shadow, but make no mistake — they are fierce. Adventures in Cooking sprinkles them on a cream cheese tart.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

It’s pie! It’s mini! It has a cute dollop of whipped cream! My Baking Addiction has the recipe.

Image: My Baking Addiction

Broiled Grapefruit

For the sweet tooth with a resolution to keep, this sugar-crusted grapefruit from Offbeat + Inspired is just the thing…

Image: Offbeat + Inspired

Citrus Cheesecake

…but we all know you really want a slice of cheesecake. This rich dessert over at Savory Sweet Life gets its tang from lemon and orange zest.

Image: Savory Sweet Life

Lemon Crepes

A warm crepe topped with sugar and a squeeze of lemon is the definition of Parisian elegance. Thanks, Big Girls Small Kitchen!

Image: Big Girls Small Kitchen

Orange Blossom Cake

Orange blossom water gives London Bakes’ layer cake a subtle hint of citrus. Slather on the cream cheese frosting for a truly decadent dessert.

Image: London Bakes

Blood Orange Curd

Every pastry aficionado needs a go-to, foolproof citrus curd. Cookie + Kate has a great recipe to pair with tarts, scones, or — our favorite — molasses bread.

Image: Cookie + Kate

Meyer Lemon Macarons

Meyer lemons are the chic, trendy leader of the citrus pack. With a mellower bite than their ordinary counterpart, these lemons are the star of eat.live.travel.write’s delicious macarons.

Image: eat.live.travel.write