Mindy Kaling Was Asked What Color Men She Prefers on the Oscars Red Carpet

Oh, jeez. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever completely catch on that Mindy Kaling's "girliness" on The Mindy Project is actually a stroke of brilliance and is a necessary commentary on how women can be brilliant, multi-faceted, fun-loving creatures who can be doctors who also happen to love watching Grey's Anatomy. But, alas, as tonight's Oscars red carpet displayed...it hasn't fully caught on. One of E!'s many, many correspondants asked who was en route to the Vanity Fair gala, what color guys Mindy Kaling likes dating. Seriously.

When asked, "what's your type?" Mindy zinged back, "Uh, GOOD LOOKING." And then the reporter continuted, "So any color?" and Mindy casually laughed it off. But then the reporter kept going, "Girl, kiss a black man on the show," to which Kaling responded, "Oh I have...and I will."

Now, Kaling is a real professional and can handle even the most uncomfortable of questions (she's a writer after all) and she and the correspondant were having a conversation about race prior to the question about her preference. However, the reason for it's hair-pulling, eye-rolling shruggery is that Kaling ought to be asked about her work. Time and time again, Kaling has spoken up about how, as a female showrunner, she's always asked about dating and fashion (even though she loves both of those things) and is so rarely asked to speak about her craft.

(h/t Jezebel)