Bustle Staffers Share Their Favorite PB Snacks

How you eat your peanut butter says a lot about your personality. It's practically the culinary version of that little blank box in your online dating profile, if you will. And we here at the Bustle offices are fueled by peanut butter, and pride ourselves on enjoying it in some seriously unique ways.

Really, though. Snack time at our New York headquarters involves a ton of peanut butter. The most popular item in our communal kitchen is easily a jar of peanut butter, which our co-workers spread in a number of different ways. As a nod to that sweet childhood, mid-afternoon snack, some folks take it on white bread with marshmallows. Some of us enjoy the sweet-and-salty complexity of slathering it on a pretzel stick. Then, there are the no-frills purists who spoon it straight from the jar. But whether you're a PB&J fan, or you like it with apple slices, this high-protein snack keeps us all of us going throughout the day. And not to mention, it brings back serious memories.

We've teamed up with Jif® to take a look at the unique ways in which our co-workers enjoy their peanut butter. So learn a little bit more about us, and feel free to steal any and all of these savvy spreading techniques.

Classic PB&J

"In an effort to help me develop a sense of independence, my well-intentioned parents shipped me away to a two-week summer camp at the ripe old age of eight years old. I was so homesick, though, that I pretended I hated all the food — except PB&J sandwiches, which I downed with reckless abandon. I got over the homesickness, but I'll never get over PB&Js." -Elly Ayres

Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich

“I love PB cookie sandwiches because they are perfect balance of sweet and salty, which is what I crave in a snack! I think they are the best late night snack because they take almost no time to make, and there is no mess — all you need are some cookies, a spoon, a jar of Jif® and you’re all set. I also like to bring peanut butter cookies as a dessert to dinner parties. They’re always a big hit!” -Angela Martin

Pretzels Dipped In Peanut Butter & Dipped In Slivered Almonds

“When I have cravings to eat something sweet, but want to be conscious about what I put in my body, I dip pretzel sticks in peanut butter, and coat them with slivered almonds. It’s a very energizing snack! If I just need to zone out, I also like to eat peanut butter off a spoon while watching TV.” -Rebecca Peeler

White Bread With Peanut Butter And Melted Marshmallows

“A good friend of mine first told me about this delicious duo. There’s something about peanut butter and melted marshmallows on white bread –– it’s just so tasty. I like to eat it at home (because it can get messy with all the melted marshmallows) when I’m craving something sweet. It’s usually my go-to late night snack.” -Irma Elezovic

Peanut Butter Pops

"I love eating peanut butter straight from the jar, but I'm always figuring out how to make it last longer. 'Cause obviously, I miss my PB when it's gone. This is how I concocted my 'peanut butter pop' recipe, which is essentially just a spoon of peanut butter, wrapped in plastic wrap, frozen for two hours, and perfectly hardened to the perfect, frozen, savoring consistency. I drizzle a little chocolate syrup and graham cracker crumbs on top for added deliciousness, and then, go to town." -Arielle Dachille

Peanut Butter Smoothie

"I love peanut butter smoothies for breakfast because it's the best way to grab a fast, delicious, breakfast. Adding peanut butter enhances the smoothie flavor perfectly. It’s nice to balance out all the greens in my smoothie with some added PB. Peanut butter is the key ingredient... otherwise it's like I'm eating a blended salad." -Kelsey Miller

Straight From The Spoon

"When I am feeling lazy and hungry, PB from a spoon is the quickest and most satisfying option for me to have a snack. I can't even lie and say I eat it to be healthy because I can easily have 5 spoonfuls in one sitting. I crave PB most in the middle of the day when I am hungry but know that I shouldn't be. It helps hold me over for the next meal." -Callie Timpanaro

Photos: Lauren Perlstein

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