How Many Hot Dogs Has Joey "Jaws" Chestnut Managed At Once? The World Record Is All His

It's that time of year again — July 4, and we all know what that means: Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest!!!!!! While the majority of the American population unambitiously, daintily puts away a dog or a burger — maybe one of each, tops — 24 brave and capable eaters will throw moderation to the wind and mash as many dogs into their faces as humanly possible. The stakes are huge in the Men's Main Event, primarily thanks to one competitor. Who is Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, and why's he such a BFD?

He's probably a lot of things, but the most important thing for you to know going into Monday is that Jaws is, according to the prestigious Major League Eating, "the greatest eater in history." He holds the hot dog-eating world record, which he clinched by cramming 69 dogs and buns inside himself within 10 minutes at Nathan's 2013 contest.

But Jaws' claim to the MLE's title comes from so much more than that. Chestnut rocked an eight-year winning streak in the annual contest, after defeating Japanese champion Takeru Kobayashi in 2007. That's right — this guy brought the Yellow Mustard Belt back to America and it was like that final scene from The Mighty Ducks where the underdog victors gather around the campfire and sing Queen's "We Are the Champions."

Take a moment. Dive into his process.

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Sadly, Jaws' reign as hot dog champion was overthrown in 2015 by the bold Matt Stonie, who managed to stuff down only two more hot dogs and buns than Chestnut. That makes 2016's competition crucial for Jaws. It's not just about hot dogs or a $20,000 cash prize or one more win to add to his extensive record. No. This is about the restoration of an institution. And, according to a poll of eating enthusiasts, 57 percent think the belt will be reclaimed by its rightful owner on Monday.

Hot dogs and buns aren't Jaws' only game. This vacuum will ingest any food you throw at him in monstrous and likely unsafe portions. Apple pie? He doesn't even need the fork. Wings? They fly down his throat. Jaws funnels funnel cake, mops up jalapeno poppers, and annihilates asparagus (the aftermath of which I can't even imagine). He's a Jack of all foods and a master of all in the realm of competitive eating competitions.

Who is Joey "Jaws" Chestnut? Probably the greatest eater in history. Come Monday, we'll see if he walks away with a ninth belt to show for it.