5 Ways To Get Style Inspiration From Sleepaway Camp

When you think about it, the concept of sleeapway camp is pretty insane. Hey, lets send a bunch of hormone-crazed teenagers to the middle of the woods! They can live in cabins with a bunch of college students as the only supervision! I honestly have no idea why this is allowed, but I am so glad that it is. Sleepaway camp means kayaks and Kumbaya, but it also means first kisses, and learning the proper way to do liquid eyeliner, and midnight bonding sessions with your cabinmates.

Sadly, we're all a bit too old to go to sleepaway camp now, but that doesn't mean you can't get inspiration from the days of friendship bracelets and required kayaking trips. Also, if anyone is down to pretend to be 13, let me know, and we can be on the next bus to Camp Highlander. Just kidding! Kind of!

What you wore then: Tie-dye shirts in the color of your Color War team (Red Team for life!).

What to wear now: An artfully tie-dyed maxi dress, like this one from ModCloth. This one is especially great because, one, it's red (the Blue Team cheated), and, two, it's sunset-inspired, so it'll remind you of all those romantic sunsets at sleepaway camp. You know, like the ones where you looked at your crush from afar and never spoke to him.

What you wore then: Friendship bracelets from beading and macrame class.

What to wear now: One of Madwell's Estate Friendship Bracelets. Sure, it's not as exclusive as the "B.F.F." ones you made back in the day, but it's way more stylish.

What you wore then: The hoodie that the cutest boy at camp gave you.

What to wear now: A cashmere zip hoodie from the men's section of J.Crew. (By the way, Max Zimmerman, I realize that I still have your hoodie. I'm sorry it's been eight years, but maybe your mom shouldn't be using so much fabric softener).

What you wore then: Flip-flops purchased at Walgreens, originally intended to just be shower shoes, but you wear them out now because you lost all your other shoes and you're gross.

What to wear now: These Ipanema sandals are a lot more chic than your once-shower shoes. Plus, they're only $28, so you won't feel like a complete asshole for buying fancy sandals.

What you wore then: The required one-piece bathing suits, which, yeah, are definitely going to stop a bunch of teenagers from wanting to make out. There's nothing that turns off teenagers more than rules.

What to wear now: A printed one-piece looks great in the water, but can easily be paired under high-waisted shorts or a maxi skirt for an on-the-land look. No need to pair it with a clutch like this model is doing unless you want to be weird.