Elizabeth Warren Asks J.K. Rowling If She Can Please, Please Take Down Donald Trump The Death Eater

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be vying for the vice presidency, but in a Wednesday night tweet she made it clear that she's keeping all her options open — including witchcraft and wizardry. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling recently announced that Hogwarts' sister school, Ilvermorny, is located in Warren's home state, and it seems as if she would consider giving up her seat for a professorship at America's school of magic. However, the Massachusetts senator was pretty specific when she asked Rowling for a job over Twitter: Warren wants to teach "Defense Against the Dark Arts" at Ilvermorny, and she's seemingly not interested in any other position.

Of course, there's a reason why Senator Warren wants to lead the Defense Against the Dark Arts program at the mythical Massachusetts version of Hogwarts, and it's (no surprise here) Donald Trump. The Senator included the presumptive GOP nominee in her tweet to the Harry Potter author writing, "Looking for a Defense Against the Dark Arts prof, @jk_rowling? Where do I apply? Trump, Death Eaters — I got this!" That's right, Sen. Warren just put The Donald in the same category as Harry Potter's creepiest, and most evil characters: the Death Eaters. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Sen. Warren has made defeating Trump her mission this election season, and she's renown for her skills at tearing down Trump on Twitter, and now on the campaign trail alongside the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Though Trump tries to put up a fight against Warren calling her "Goofy Elizabeth Warren," the Massachusetts senator always has the better comeback — as proven by her tweet to J.K. Rowling.

At a Clinton campaign event in Ohio on Monday, Sen. Warren called Trump "a small, insecure money-grubber," and told the crowd, "You want to see goofy? Look at him [Donald Trump] in that hat." Perhaps the senator should make caps of her own — Professor McGonagall always rocked her hat.


J.K. Rowling has yet to respond to Senator Warren's tweet (fingers crossed that the Defense Against the Dark Arts position is still available), but according to CNN, the Harry Potter author has denounced Trump before. In fact, Rowling tweeted about Trump in December 2015 saying, "Voldemort was nowhere near as bad."

It seems as if Trump is ignoring Senator Warren's tweet because he has yet to respond — either that or he's speed reading Harry Potter so he can come up with a response that includes an adjective other than "goofy."


However, it's safe to say that Warren is hard at work to make sure Trump never reaches the White House — and possibly on her way to becoming the head of a wizard house at Ilvermorny. Yet, even if she doesn't get the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, Elizabeth Warren will always prevail at the art of the Trump take-down.

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