Cory Monteith is Snubbed During Oscars "In Memoriam" Tribute, But Why?

He may be best known for his work as Finn Hudson on Glee, but Cory Monteith was a film actor as well as a television star. That didn't stop the Academy from snubbing Cory Monteith during "In Memoriam" tribute His last role was McCanick, playing a troubled, drug-addicted teen on the big screen. The film was set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival before Monteith's untimely death.

The actor died at the age of 31, and was well-known for his singing and dancing role on FOX's hit T.V. series, Glee. While Monteith did not appear on the annual Oscar tribute for those who passed this year, many familiar faces did. As expected, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died last month of a drug overdose was featured. Child actress Shirley Temple was given a spot on the list, as well as The Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

Oddly, while Monteith did not make the telecast tribute, he did make the list of those who have passed. Which begs the question: What made him less qualified to appear on the televised version? Sure, the tribute is time sensitive and can only accommodate a handful of those who have died, but the actor is among the younger deaths, and certainly the most publicized.