12 Gifts 'The O.C.' Fans Will Be Obsessed With

If you didn't have a crush on Seth Cohen when you were 13, then the only obvious reason would be because you were crushing hard on Ryan Atwood, instead. Give your friend who is in love with the drama of Newport Beach some awesome O.C. themed gifts for any occasion. Seriously — Seth Cohen themed gifts are the ones that keep on giving.

I remember watching The O.C. every week with my brother. Seth Cohen quickly became my favorite character with his wit and sarcasm. Ryan Atwood was always brooding and staring longingly at Marissa Cooper. I watched Summer Roberts evolve from a party girl to a brilliant activist. I became obsessed with Seth and Summer and Ryan and Marissa. We all have our favorite characters, and throughout the four seasons (can you believe it was only on for four seasons?), falling in love with the show was undeniable. More than ten years later, people still love to quote the show. They are still celebrating Chrismakkuh, too.

It's hard to look at the actors from the show and not think, "Why is Sandy Cohen on Law & Order SVU?" Or, why is Summer Roberts living in Blue Bell, Alabama? No matter how much time has passed, the diehard O.C. fans will always want to show off their love for the show...So, grab a witty T-shirt or awesome travel mug for the O.C. fan in your life.

"Welcome to The O.C., b*tch!"

Chrismukkah — The New Holiday That's Sweeping The Nation

Happy Chrismukkah T-Shirt, $25, Cafe Press

"Do you want your menorah or candy cane? Hm? Hanukkah or Christmas?...Don’t worry about it, buddy. Because in this house, you don’t have to choose. Allow me to introduce you to a little something that I like to call Chrismukkah." I think that just about sums it up. Rock this shirt, and prepare yourself for a Chrismukkah miracle.

Sorry, Seth, Captain Oats Is Actually My Best Friend

Cute Captain Oats The OC Mug, $10, Cafe Press

It's amazing what a fixture a plastic horse was in The O.C. Captain Oats was Seth Cohen's P.I.C. before Ryan came into the picture (and when Ryan was too busy punching someone). In season one, Anna wrote a comic book about Captain Oats as a gift for Seth during Chrismmukkah. The horse even had its own love story with Princess Sparkle, Summer's My Little Pony doll. Show off your admiration for the little plastic horse with this coffee mug.

Kirsten & Sandy Cohen Adopted Me

The O.C. Sandy & Kirsten, $29, RedBubble

Now you can be just like Ryan Atwood with this shirt. The Cohen family needed a new addition to the family, just like Ryan needed a new family. Together they formed an awesome unit of people. Kirsten and Sandy needed Ryan just as much as Seth did. Throughout the four seasons of the show, they all helped each other through tough decisions and hard moments (it is The O.C. after all — so much drama!).

The O.C. Trivia: How Much Do You Really Know?

The OC Game , $15, Amazon

Test your friends' knowledge of the popular T.V. show with a trivia board game. This makes an awesome housewarming gift and will provide you with hours of entertainment. See just how much you actually know about all of your favorite characters and their lives in The O.C.

Seth Cohen, The Man Of Your Dreams

Seth Cohen Apron, $25, Amazon

There is no point in denying that Seth was the majority of America's favorite character on the show. His witty humor and excessive sarcasm stole the hearts of young girls everywhere. He became the model on what to look for in a boyfriend during high school. Many of my friends still quote Seth Cohen. This hilarious apron is perfect for the people in your life that

still love Seth Cohen as much as they did ten years ago.


Yogalates Tank Top, $26, RedBubble

Do you remember that episode towards the middle of the first season, where Sandy can't stop saying the word yogalates? That three minute scene became fans of Sandy Cohen's favorite scene. I don't know what it is, but Sandy saying that word over and over again causes a lot of laughter. I had personally never heard that word before it was said on the show. But years later, I still imagine Sandy saying it whenever someone talks about the workout, yogalates. So, give this to a friend who loves yogalates, and they can rock it at the gym the next time they go.

Show Off Your Love For The Show In A More Subtle Way

The OC Baseball Hat, $14, Cafe Press

Give a friend a more subtle gift, if they aren't into screaming about their undying love for The O.C. from the rooftops. This hat is in the orange and black colors that the show was branded in and features The O.C. written in the center. Short and sweet. Which one of your favorite characters would rock this?

I Went To Harbor, Too...

The O.C. Harbor Shirt, $32, RedBubble

Could you imagine what the walls of Harbor High School would say if they could talk? So much went down at Harbor the first two seasons of the show. Would you have been a popular, "rich kid" and hung out with Luke and the rest of the water polo team? Or would you have joined Seth's comic book league? Now you don't have to decide, instead you can just pretend you graduated from there, too.

"Welcome To The O.C."

Travel Mug, $20, Cafe Press

There is no way you could possibly forget when Luke and his friends beat the crap out of Seth and Ryan in the pilot episode. He left us with what would become the best and most memorable quote of the entire series, "Welcome to the O.C., b*tch." See how many people comment on this travel mug with the popular quote written on it. You'll probably find yourself getting pulled into a conversation about the best show ever.

The Relationships Of The O.C.

The OC Jetset Tee, $26, RedBubble

Show off your #relationshipgoals with this tank. There were so many relationships throughout the series. Some were tumultuous and crazy. Some made us cry and some made us think, what the hell is going on? But, when it all comes down to it, there were two relationships that really embodied The O.C. — Ryan & Marissa & Summer & Seth. Both of their relationships were rocky, but when it comes down to it, that's what the story was all about. (Until they went ahead and killed off Marissa Cooper. #smh)

"You're Undeniable"

You're Undeniable, $45, RedBubble

When Seth tells Summer, "Because for me, it's always been you. Always. And I've tried to fight it, and I've tried to deny it. But I can't — you're undeniable," in season one, my heart melted. It had me screaming at the T.V. "Finally!!!" But for real, Seth and Summer's relationship is built to last (yes there are a ton of ups and downs, but they are meant to be) and this moment is one of the ones that sticks with us throughout the show. What better way to show it than with Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle on this shatterproof iPad case?

Get Comfy And Binge Watch The O.C.

Shhh...I'm Binge Watching The O.C. Boy Briefs, $24, Cafe Press

Everyone is guilty of binge watching these days. But The O.C. is by far my favorite show to binge watch. With only 92 episodes, you can get through all four seasons in less than a week, if you're really dedicated. So, get comfortable with some booty shorts, and prepare to be entertained.

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