Lindsay Lohan Gives Advice To Her Younger Self

This Saturday, July 2, Lindsay Lohan turns 30. It's a milestone age for anyone, but especially for Lohan, who — after fighting demons that included substance abuse and extensive legal woes — seems to be living her best life in London, serious boyfriend Egor Tarabasov by her side. The actor has taken this birthday to reflect on her past and focus on her future (she's writing a book!), discussing everything from her regrets to her newfound wisdom with Vanity Fair. Specifically, in the interview, Lohan revealed the advice she'd give to her younger self — and it's clear that she is in an incredibly healthy place now.

When asked what her 30-year-old self would tell her Parent Trap self, Lohan made an honest disclaimer before dispensing the advice.

"I can’t say that I would have listened then, haha," she replied truthfully. Fair enough: Lohan had just turned 12 when the movie came out in July 1998.

"My mother taught me to always be humble, and that is something I live by still today, so I would say that. I would also probably say don’t go too fast," Lohan advised. "Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with and make sure they have honest intentions. Put yourself first, and just breathe. Be happy and always be grateful for the moment you have in front of you. Be here, now."

It's advice that resonates on multiple levels. For one, it doesn't take a psychologist to see that the Lindsay Lohan speaking these words is a far cry from the Lindsay Lohan who barhopped with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and who has so many arrests under her belt that E! News has an entire roundup of them. This Lohan is speaking from a place of contentment, a place that is solid and whole and from which she can reflect on her past experiences and behavior and realize that she didn't always put herself in the best situations. This is a Lohan who is making better, wiser decisions, and is making sure that her own health and happiness are always at the forefront of everything she does.

In fact, regardless if you have a troubled past like Lohan or not, her words of advice are sound. Being present in the moment, being appreciative of what you have, and always making sure to look out for yourself and your own well-being are priorities that everyone should focus on when it comes to mental health. It can be all too easy to get caught up with life, find yourself in less-than-ideal situations, and get sucked into unhealthy friendships or relationships that don't benefit you. But by taking time to slow down, observe your surroundings, and reflect inward to ensure that your health and happiness are No. 1, you'll be able to cultivate the kind of life that you want for yourself.

Maybe it will take years of hurdles and difficulties and tough moments and poor decisions and bad mistakes to get there — but if Lindsay Lohan can do it, so can you.

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