You've Got To See Kylie Jenner With Glasses

This girl may be known for switching up her look, but there’s one thing that you won’t find her in often, and that’s a pair of glasses. Until now, that is. See Kylie Jenner wearing glasses in her latest Puma ad for all of the inspiration you need to go retro with your eyewear.

Of the Jenner sisters, Kendall is more known for throwing on a pair of clear lens frames from time to time, but I’ve never seen Kylie quite like this before. She’s gone way back in time for her latest Puma photo shoot, and she’s wearing her socks pulled up high, suede kicks and a bomber jacket. The oversized glasses top everything off and really give the outfit even more of a ‘70s feel.

The spectacles may have a throwback vibe due to their shape, but the fact that the frames are clear make them way more modern. If you’re super into the idea of rocking retro accessories, then you’ve got to get your hands on some suede shoes and a set of frames just like these. Check out Jenner in a way you’ve never seen her before and then shop similar styles. Trust me, you’ve never wanted eyewear quite as badly as this before.

Here, I’ll let Jenner show you how this whole classic sporty thing is done.

Wigs, glasses, high socks. There's nothing she can't pull off.

1. Retro Shape

Tom Eyeglasses, $64, Glasses USA

These clear and grey frames are a dead-ringer for Jenner's in terms of shape. So, if you were hoping to cop a pair just like hers, well, here you go.

2. Clear Lens Aviators

Aviator Glasses with Clear Lens, $13, ASOS

It doesn't get more classic than a pair of aviators, now does it. Feel free to wear these to add a vintage vibe to any of your outfits.

3. Square Frames

Uptown Clear Eyeglasses, $19, EyeBuyDirect

These clear squared frames will give you all of the Jenner-from-another-era type feels.

4. Crystal Clear

Michael Kors Grayton Glasses, $139,

Crystal clear frames will make any shape feel more modern.

5. Barely There Readers

Kendall Round Readers, $14, Urban Outfitters

You'll barely notice these lightweight readers are on your face, and yet, they'll add so much coolness to whatever you're wearing.

6. Round Glasses

Percey Glasses, $95, Warby Parker

A little bit classic, a little bit modern. Just right for the Jenner look.

Well, go on and get to shopping. Your athleisure game is about to be so much stronger!

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)