11 Genius Organization Hacks For Small Bathrooms That Everyone Should Try

If you live with a small bathroom, then you probably have a set of woes that only fellow tiny-bathroom owners will understand (zero storage space for your toiletries, anyone)? The good news is, there are a few genius bathroom organization hacks that, while they won't magically give you more square footage (this isn't Hogwarts after all), will help you feel like you have more space.

My current apartment has a bathroom so small and so oddly shaped that I sometimes wonder if it was designed as a prank. Seriously, I can almost reach all the walls by standing in the center of the room, and there is a corner — presumably for storage — that you literally have to crawl under the sink to fully access. I literally salivate when I see large, spacious bathrooms in magazines and catalogues, and am ridiculously envious when I visit friends who have actual counter space. And don't even get me started on how much I day dream about having a bathtub.

That being said, I'm pretty much stuck in my current apartment for the foreseeable future, which means I've become quite the expert in bathroom storage and organizational hacks. If you've been struggling with a small bathroom yourself, worry not. Here are 11 hacks for maximizing your space.

1. Get An Above The Toilet Standing Shelf

Hazelwood Home Free Standing Over The Toilet Shelf, $108.99, Wayfair.com

If you have a small bathroom and don't have one of these, stop everything you're doing and go get one right now. OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But definitely put it high on your To Do list. Using the vertical space above your toilet will give you so much more storage.

2. Use Wall Space To Maximize Counter Space

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf, $37.86, Eliterestaurantequipment.com

If you don't have much counter space, I highly recommend looking towards your walls and vertical space for more storage opportunities. You can install shelves upwards — or even just a lot of hooks with caddies — and use them for cotton balls, hair products, and anything else that might normally sit near your sink.

3. Opt For A Tiered Shower Caddie

Oversized 3-Tier Pole Shower Caddy in Chromed Steel, $29.99, BedBathandBeyond.com

This is a total must if you have limited bath and shower space. It keeps things looking neat and tidy and is also just a nice way to stay organized.

4. Use A Hanging Shoe Organizer For Beauty Products

Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer and Storage Rack, $12,59, Target.com

A compilation piece for Cosmopolitan suggested getting an over-the-door shoe rack for your larger beauty products, like mousse and flat irons. You'll be utilizing space that would otherwise go totally to waste.

5. Consider A Lazy Susan

Copco Two-Tier Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable, $12.99, Bedbathandbeyond.com

This is a tip I got from VasseurBeauty's YouTube channel. It's absolutely perfect for makeup storage, or for keeping your lotions and perfumes. You also won't have to dig through layers of products to find what you're looking for.

6. Install A Tension Rod Under Your Sink

Springs Window Fashions Round Spring 18-Inch – 28-Inch Adjustable Tension Curtain Rod, $4.99, BedBathandBeyond.com

The same Cosmo compilation piece recommended installing a pressure rod under your sink so that you can hang cleaning supplies by their nozzles. That way, the rest of the under-sink space can be reserved for things like bins for hair products or toilet paper.

7. Think About Magnet Boards

Urbio, $21.00, OfficeDepot.com

I was gifted a few magnetic shelves a few years ago, and I have since purchased about ten more on my own. They are absolutely perfect for spaces where you don't have a ton of counter space, and they're perfect for storing things like makeup brushes, bobby pins, and even heat tools. Think about investing in these if you have a lot of wall space and not a lot of real estate anywhere else.

8. Use A Ladder As A Shelf

Sawyer Mocha Leaning Bookshelf, $159, Crate&Barrel.com

A Huffington Post compilation piece noted that if you have a bathroom where you can't really install rods — either because of the wall material or because the home is a rental — think about getting a small, cute ladder to lean again some unused wall space. You can hang multiple towels from the steps.

9. Get A Sink Skirt

Sink Skirt, $123, Etsy.com

A Real Simple piece highly recommended investing in a sink skirt if you have a pedestal sink that doesn't have any under-sink cabinets. That way you can place shelves or containers under on the floor, and everything will still look neat and tidy because the skirt will hide it.

10. Get A Triangular Shelf For Under Your Cabinet

Fretted Low Corner Shelf, $79.98, Pier1.com

Another Real Simple piece suggested purchasing a triangle-shaped shelf to fit under your sink. This is especially useful if your have awkward piping that makes it hard to use a regular square or rectangular shaped shelf.

11. Keep A Board To Cover Your Sink

Shelf, $3.23, HomeDepot.com

This is a personal tip that I am incredibly proud of. I always used to encounter a dilemma when applying makeup: the lighting in my bathroom is the best in the whole apartment, but I don't actually have any counter space, meaning it's wildly inconvenient. The solution I came up with was to keep a small board from Home Depot up against the wall, and whenever I need counter space I lay it over the sink. That way I can lay out my makeup right in front of me and work under the bright lights.

A small bathroom doesn't have to be the bane of your existence. Incorporate a few genius hacks into your life, and you'll likely notice an instant difference.

Images: Dan Watson/Unsplash