10 Ways To Organize Your Space Like Monica Geller

Monica Geller should receive the title of "best organizer in the world." (You know she would love winning that title, or just winning for that matter). Now you can organize your apartment just like Monica (or close to it) with these room decorating tips inspired by Friends . Monica takes cleaning and organization to another level, and there are so many decorating lessons from Friends to learn.

While there may not be enough time in the real world to sort everything you own out by category, color, and type, there are some things you can do decorate your apartment: Friends style. Finding a few different ways to organize closet space is a great way to start. Another great tip is to make sure that everything you own has a place where it belongs. Instead of rolling your eyes or making fun of Monica like Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, or Rachel would do, embrace her OCD ways and find the greatest organization you could possibly imagine.

Your home will look so much cleaner than it did before, just by instilling a few organizational hacks. Remember that when decorating your home, keeping things tidy is key! Just don't stuff all of your junk into a "mystery closet" that you keep locked.

1. Find A Place For Everything, So Nothing Gets Misplaced

Under-the-Shelf 10 Hook Espresso Cup Storage, $18, Amazon

Rachel had to deal with a lot of things when she was living with Monica. One of the things she had to really be aware of was not misplacing things. Everything should have its own place, so make space for it. These under-the-shelf mug and espresso holders are a perfect way to keep things organized. You can store up to ten cups on the hooks, which means that you won't have to resort to numbering them, like she might do. It's also multifunctional, as it's a great place to hang the mugs to dry!

Friends Things I Learned Mug , $13, Amazon; You're My Lobster Mug, $17, Amazon

While you're at it, go ahead and get some brand new mugs to spice up your new cup storage rack. The first one recounts all the lessons you've learned from Friends, like how to pivot when carrying a couch upstairs, or the seven basic erogenous zones. Or perhaps you'd rather let your lobster know what's up.

2. Use A Closet System For Organization

ClosetMaid Closet Organizer Kit, $57, Amazon

If there is one thing that Monica does that you should avoid doing, it's this. Don't worry about having to stuff everything you can't find a place for into a closet by using a closet organization system, which will keep clutter off of the floor (and out of cascading piles) and onto shelves and hangers. This one is meant for a closet five feet to eight feet. It doubles your closet size and storage capabilities.

And once you've got a shelf devoted to your favorite T-shirts, it's only right that you break in the new organization system with a handful of style staples.

Friends 80s Flashback T-Shirt (Sizes S-XL), $18, Amazon

Friends 90s Shirts (Sizes XS-3XL), $16-$25, Amazon

Friends Sitcom T-Shirt (Sizes S-5XL) , $12-$27, Amazon

3. Utilize Everything For Extra Storage

Metro Shop End Table, $143, Amazon

Monica wouldn't dare put a piece of furniture in her house because it was only pretty. She would have a reason to utilize it for extra storage space. Actually, Phoebe and Rachel had a really functional apothecary cabinet in their own apartment, so I guess this is a rule that most of the Friends group would agree on. So, find an end table for your living room or bedroom that provides you with ample storage. This one features a drawer that is a great place to store living room essentials like remotes, magazines, and more. The top of the table smoothly slides back to reveal even more space.

4. Keep Shelves Clean

Black Kitchen Wall Shelf, $15, Amazon

Monica loves her shelving. She has it scattered all around her home. But perhaps the most memorable shelving is in her kitchen. Purchase a few floating shelves for things like spices, nuts, tea, cans, etc. By keeping shelves organized, you can create more counter space, as well as give yourself more room in your pantry. Order more than one to create a decorative and functional wall.

5. Sort Towels By Using Dividers

Link Tall Shelf Dividers, $24, Amazon

I don't think anyone in the world actually has time to separate their towels into ten different categories, but you can keep things organized by separating them into type. You can use shelf organizers to sort out your towels into categories like beach, washcloth, and everyday towels. The heavy duty organizer locks over closet shelves and features a chrome finish that gives it a more decorative approach. You can also use it for sweaters, purses, linens, and more!

Break Time Friends Beach Towel, $26, Amazon

Now that you've got all your towels neatly organized by category, you finally have room to add to your outdated beach towel selection. What better addition than a towel depicting a few of the best taking in the New York sites from a random construction beam?

6. Keep Everyday Surfaces Tidy By Storing Things In A Practical Way

Moldy Sink Kaddy, $9, Amazon

'Organize everything' would probably be Monica's motto. She even arranges her sponges in a certain way, which was cause for a compliment from the housekeeper. Take a hint from her, and keep your sink organized. It may seem like something silly, but it's often overlooked. If you keep a clean sink, your kitchen automatically looks tidier. This sink caddy, which attaches to the sink, has a place for storing a sponge, brush, and towel. Instead of putting these things under the sink in a dark place, you'll minimize the chance of bacterial growth.

7. Invest In A Pot Rack To Save Storage Space

Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack, $35, Amazon

Monica kept her copper pots hanging in the corner of her kitchen. This was a great idea because she doesn't really have a lot of storage space. By hanging them up, she has freed up shelf space for things that actually need to be on there, like plates and food. This pot rack mounts to the ceiling. It is easy to install and allows you enough space to hang up your cookware (six pieces). It has an aluminum bracket and a modern feel, which is perfect for your brand new kitchen.

Using the ceiling to hang your pots (instead of wall shelves) means you've got some extra space on your hands. Make the most of it by displaying the apartment floor plan! Any true Friends fan will recognize Chandler and Joey's twin TV chairs, and only in this universe is Monica's mystery closet actually clean.

Friends TV Show Apartment Plan, $25, Amazon

8. Labels Make Everything Better

Waterproof Chalkboard Labels, $11, Amazon

A really great way to keep your home organized and to provide some rustic decoration would be to use chalkboard labels around the house. Whether you're labeling jars in the kitchen, or putting a label somewhere to remind people where it goes, Monica would absolutely approve. She carries her label maker in her purse, so you know she's up for taking things to the next level in organization. Plus, they're really cute and reusable.

9. Create Room In Drawers For Whatever You Want

Drawer Organizer, $20, Amazon

Monica loved her ribbon drawer so much she was afraid she'd have to give it up for her baby. If she had invested in a drawer organizer (lets be honest, she probably has a whole collection of these things), she could have created the space for both her ribbon drawer and her baby's things. This drawer organizer is made out bamboo, it's easy to clean and durable. It can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, office, garage, and it's adjustable. I'd say that sounds perfect for organization.

And no, don't worry — didn't forget the 'Jouets' poster in the back of the GIF. Snag the beloved wall piece below.

Framed Jouets 36x24 As Seen On Friends , $40, Amazon

10. Get Something Functional And Stylish

White Floating Desk With Storage, $115, Amazon

Monica would have loved this desk. It not only saves floor space, but it has ample storage. It has a shelf on the top, and three more on each side. It easily mounts directly to the wall, allowing you to optimize your space. You can fit a large 27 in iMac, so you should be able to fit most computers. It also holds weight really well, so you won't have to worry about it falling off of the wall. Create a brighter, cleaner space that Monica would love with this desk.

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