The Next Kylie Lip Kit Restock Is Super Soon

The Kylie Lip Kit: One of the most difficult beauty products to purchase may finally be one step closer to you. The next Kylie Lip Kit restock is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Or, more like one night's sleep away. Set your alarms, cause tomorrow, at 10 a.m. PST, you can get your hands on these babies. Granted someone doesn't beat you to the punch, at least.

I pretty much know what I'll be doing at work tomorrow, thanks to this announcement. I actually purchased my very first lip kit and received it in the mail this week, and was thrilled when it arrived. I'm only a few months late, but hey, at least I got it! And now, I've got another opportunity to order more, thanks to this restock. Brb, warning all of my friends and beauty enthusiasts.

Jenner posted a Snapchat on Thursday afternoon announcing the restock. After some funny snaps of her and bff Jordyn, Jenner got down to business. "OK, so, tomorrow I’m really excited to say I'm having another restock tomorrow, but it's not just any restock, we’ve been working really really hard these past few months to make as many lip kits as we can."

Tell us more!

But what makes this one so special?

Blessed. We're truly blessed with this information. It may sound like a silly exaggeration, but I've literally spent months trying to get my hands on Dolce K, and luckily, I checked her Snapchat the day of a restock and got my paws on one. And now, you can, too.

Seems like people on Twitter are getting ready for this monumental moment. Gird your loins!

If you're a newbie to the Kylie Lip Kit, and want to try it out, mark your calendars—you've got a pretty good chance of scoring one tomorrow. Or, if you're a Lip Kit guru and want to add more colors to your collection, mark your calendars, too! If you've forgotten, you can find them on her website.