Where To Buy Justin Bieber 'Purpose' Tour Merch?

Remember when Justin Bieber first came out and released "One Time" with his cute little baby voice? He's sure grown up, with more albums, tours, and now, Justin Bieber has released more merch for his Purpose album and tour. Usher's little baby entourage is officially a young man with plenty of bangers. Pretty sure the first time I heard "What Do You Mean," I dropped everything and promptly found a six hour loop of the song.

I'm a Belieber, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I've followed his career, from his "Baby" days, to "Eenie Meenie" with Sean Kingston, to "One Time," to "Boyfriend," and now, I'm addicted to "Sorry." I mean, how can you not love that infectious music video? Bieber's Purpose tour runs though New York, Miami, Connecticut, Baltimore, and even more cities. With his bumping hits and apparently, lack of balance, his shows must be pure entertainment.

Back in March, Bieber released his first set of merchandise, made up of super cool long sleeve crewnecks, t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, and jackets emblazoned with "purpose tour," "staff," photos of himself, and of course, the names of some of his songs. It was an instant hit, with edgy graphics and simple colors. What do you expect when Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo helped him design his merch, according to Complex.

His new merch includes socks that say "Justin Bieber," totes that read "staff," a plain tee that reads "sorry," and one that reads "my mama don't like you." Yep, I'm going to need all of these. There's even a trucker hat!

These Socks

World Tour Socks, $18,

Love the bright pink.

The Trucker Hat

Purpose Tour Trucker Hat, $40,

Want. Need. Deserve.

My Mama Tee

My Mama T-Shirt, $40,

Simple and so good.

The Tote

Staff Tote, $20,

You'll look so official with this one.

The Face

Photo Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $50,

I would frame this and stare at it all day.

Classic Hoodie

Bieber Sand Hoodie, $120,

I really dig this color.

These all look like so much fun, and if I had it my way, I'd cop all of these. Check the rest of his merch out on, and try not to fill your bag with all of it. I dare you.

Images: Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Merch