Which Kylie Lip Kit Liners Will Be Sold Separately? You Can Buy These Classic Shades As Singles

The rumors are true and it's time for lipstick lovers to celebrate. Kylie Jenner will now sell her Lip Kit lipliners separately. Previously, Kylie Lip Kits featured a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner, packaged and sold together. That's why it's called a "kit." The Kylie Glosses and Metal Mattes have always been sold sans accompanying liners. Earlier this spring, Jenner asked her fans if she should start selling her Lip Kit liners a la carte. The rumor that she would be doing just that picked up steam this week. Now, Jenner is selling the liners on their own, as well as the liquid lipsticks as singles, which she confirmed in an Instagram post.

Just because she is offering the liners separately does not mean that she will cease selling the Kylie Lip Kits just as she always has — it appears that that Lip Kits will still be sold with a lippie and a liner! You just have the new option to get liners by themselves. Which Kylie Lip Kit liners are being sold as singles? Is it the entire range of shades?

According to Jenner's Instagram post, only the fire-engine red Mary Jo K and the rosy nude Candy K, which was one of her original three shades, will be sold as singles.

There you have it! There are two pieces of good news here — that a huge restock is happening today and that she is rolling out the option to purchase single liners.

Here is the part of her caption which confirms Candy and Mary Jo being sold on their own. It sounds like the liquid lippies will also be offered as singles. She's listening to what her customers need and want, too.

ICYMI: This is the post where Jenner asked her fans and customers if they wanted her to start selling the liners separately.

My take? It's a smart biz move to sell the liners as singles, in addition to being packaged with the liquid lipsticks as Lip Kits. I don't think it's prudent to sell everything separately, as it'd cease to be an actual "kit." Plus, the Lip Kit is an established brand. To totally swap things out could change the perception. Also, matte liquid lipstick always looks better with liner. Lastly, not all fans want to play around with color combos nor do they want the pressure of shopping separately.

It also makes sense to sell one-off liners for lip lovers who like to fill in the surface of their lips with liner before applying the liquid lipstick in order to get better adhesion. Since they use more product, they will tend to run out sooner.

This is also an awesome option for those users who want to further experiment with other shade pairings. And what if you lose a liner or it breaks? Instead of seeking out a drugstore dupe, it would be rad to purchase a replacement liner only. It's all about that symmetry.

These are you two "solos."

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)