Bethenny Frankel Says Jason Finally Moved Out

Well, here is some good news for this Real Housewives of New York City star. During the Wednesday broadcast of her Sirius XM radio show, B Real With Bethenny, Bethenny Frankel revealed Jason Hoppy finally moved out of her Tribeca apartment that she now plans to sell. As fans know, her ex-husband (they still are not officially divorced), has been residing in her apartment that she first purchased in 2011. She expressed with much relief about entering the apartment for the first time in a long while,

I walked in and it just washed over me. I sobbed for hours. It was like this release. And you always think things are going to be one way. I thought it was going to be like the biggest party ever, I’d be roller-skating through there with my top off, my t*ts hanging out, so excited, and there’s nothing good about any of it. It was all just remembering moving in there. It was a hideous experience, and I just didn’t know how to even process the feeling.

As E! News reports, upon purchasing the apartment under a trust, Frankel named both herself and Hoppy as beneficiaries. According to a March 2016 report from People, during a court hearing, a judge ruled the trust invalid.

At the time of the ruling, Frankel's attorney, Allan Mayefsky, released a statement to People partly reading, "Bethenny is particularly pleased that the trust agreement, which was used in an attempt to obtain joint ownership of an apartment that she purchased, was rendered void and invalid due to fraudulent behavior in connection with the execution of the agreement." As for Hoppy, his lawyer, Bernard Clair, said he and his client were "very pleased about Bethenny's definition of winning," regarding her response to the judge's ruling.

Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After their split in December 2012, Hoppy maintained control of the apartment, which led to Frankel living in temporary locations. During a May 2014 court appearance (via People) regarding the custody of their daughter, Bryn, Frankel called living with Hoppy "brutal, horrendous, excruciating … he would not let me be alone with Bryn in the apartment." She ended up getting a temporary apartment in Tribeca and said in court, "It feels like living in a hotel." At the time, Hoppy's lawyer told the judge, "Bethenny Frankel's priority is Bethenny Frankel. In pursuit of career success, she has used the child as a prop."

As depicted on RHONY and several WWHL appearances, Frankel and Hoppy's split hasn't been an easy or pleasant one, but it seems like things are moving in a more positive direction.