6 Mardi Gras Cocktails You Must Drink On Fat Tuesday

The most classic of Mardi Gras cocktails is, of course, the Hurricane. Made with rum, fruit juice, grenadine, simple syrup, maraschino cherries, and more rum, it's boozy, delicious, and famous for a reason. But while you can't go wrong with this standby, I challenge you to step up your game and expand your cocktail horizons this Fat Tuesday. And don't worry — all of the these drinks still have either the rum or fruit juice of your beloved Hurricane. I wouldn't try to ruin your Mardi Gras!

Image: Kitchen Confidante

by Corinne Caputo

Rum Clementine Cocktail

This rum clementine cocktail recipe from Jelly Toast is perfect in many ways. The rum will warm you up from the winter cold but the fruit juice will remind you of the summer I know you're craving.

Image: Jelly Toast Blog

Kumquat Lemongrass Rum Cocktail

Did you love Sour Patch Kids or Warheads growing up? If so, this drink is perfect you. The kumquat lemongrass rum cocktail from Kitchen Confidante is tailored for anyone who loves all things tart.

Image: Kitchen Confidante

Pomegranate Negroni

This pomegranate Negroni from A Better Happier St. Sebastian is both tasty and pretty to look at.

Image: A Better Happier St. Sebastian

Honeycrisp Cocktail

If you love hard cider like I do then you probably won’t want to part with it, even for Mardi Gras. This honeycrisp cocktail from Five and Spice will be exactly what you crave.

Image: Five and Spice

The Classic Hurricane

Fine, I’ll let you have a Hurricane. You can make one at home with this Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Cocktail Mix. Pick some up ASAP.

Pat O'Brien's World Famous Hurricane Cocktail Mix, $8, Amazon

Bloody Mary (For Your Hangover)

Chances are, you will be hungover this holiday. Especially when you have all of these amazing drinks to choose from. Order a bagel Seamless, turn on some trashy TV and nurse your hangover with this Bloody Mary from Up Close And Tasty.

Image: Up Close And Tasty