How Kylie Jenner Wears Her Lip Liner Singles

by Augusta Statz

Just when you thought her Lip Kits couldn’t get any better, she goes and does this. Now that the lip liners and liquid lipsticks are going to be sold separately, there’s a whole new world of lippie-wearing possibilities opened up to you. Find out how Kylie Jenner wears the lip liner singles because her way of rocking them might just convince you to stock up on a few more of these.

Not only can you mix and match the lip liners with the other liquid lipsticks, you can also wear them with other non-Kylie Cosmetics lippies that you have, too. Of course, applying them that often might make them run out more quickly— but, you can always just buy more. So, no worries there. Jenner posted to Twitter saying that the liners are so beautiful, she will sometimes just wear them all on their own. Whether you’re just lining the outside of your lip to subtly accentuate your pout, or applying the liner all over your lips like you would a lipstick, it’s really not a bad idea to add color with these products.

Just think about it. This technique is great, especially if you’re on the go or if you just want something subtle rather than a bold lip look with a matte finish (like most of Jenner’s liquid lipsticks give you). If you thought you were all good on the lip liner end of things (considering you haven’t run out of the ones you purchased with your Lip Kits), think again!

This is a genius little makeup hack.

With all of the nude shades the line offers, it'd be easy to pull off a barely there kind of lip look by using the liners all on their own.

If you didn't want to wear them by themselves, you could always mix and match liners with the matte lipsticks.

You can also glide these babies on with any of the glosses.

Because the mixing and matching potential is so great, the lip liners are definitely worth a purchase. Or you could buy them on their own and wear them on their own, just like Jenner suggests. Either way, there's nothing wrong with having a few of these on hand!