McDonalds Is Having A Clearance Sale On Mighty Wings, Thereby Making Them Somehow Less Appealing

So, McDonald's is having a clearance sale…on Mighty Wings. Business Insider recently reported that the wings were selling so badly the fast food chain had to reduce their price from one dollar to 60 cents per piece — as in a 40 percent discount. So why exactly are we comparing a fast food menu item to that rack of neon tank tops collecting dust in the sale section at Urban Outfitters? Can’t they just stop making them? It is food, right? I don't love the idea of eating reduced-price wings pulled from a dusty stockpile of chicken that no one else wanted.

Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald's still has 10 million pounds of wings left to sell. (As in, there are loads of Mighty Wings chilling out in a freezer somewhere.) The franchise bought 50 million pounds of the product with the hopes that customers would purchase them during a limited-time promotion last fall. There are a number of reasons the menu item didn’t catch on like the company had hoped — other than the fact that frozen chicken nuggets sound slightly hazardous to the human digestive system.

Apparently, a big factor was the economy. When money is low, you’re not going to purchase some weird expensive food over your favorite dollar menu item… you’re going to buy your favorite dollar menu item. There is also the issue of taste. McDonald's customers rejected the new flavor because it was too spicy (*points back to dollar menu*). Also, customers say they look like nuggets with bones in them

Seeing as the Mighty Wing promotion was yet another attempt raise sales and beat the competition, perhaps McDonald's should put down the McCafé Frappé Mochas and revert back to what they do best: selling dollar menu apple pies and double cheeseburgers.