How To Make Waxing Easier

There is no universe in which hair waxing is fun. Whether you're doing something small like your brows, or something a little (OK, a lot) more painful like your bikini, the process is basically the bane of my existence, but there are actually several things that make waxing easier. It's never going to be a relaxing experience, but it definitely doesn't have to be torture, either.

While you may be able to skimp a little bit on the waxing in the winter, there is no avoiding it in the summer. Shaving is certainly less painful, but you have to do it way more often, and you usually always miss spots or can't get all the hair cut, so waxing is the preferred option when it comes to a clean and even removal that lasts. But the process? It totally sucks. Eyebrows are one thing, but if you've ventured beyond that, then you know that the struggle of waxing is real — but it doesn't have to be. There are a few things you can do to help make it a little easier, and once you try them, you'll wonder how you lived without doing them for so long.

If you've never tried waxing before and are nervous to try it out, or just loathe going to your regular appointments, try these seven things to make waxing a little bit easier.

1. Stay Away From Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, which makes your skin extra sensitive. If you want to be able to withstand the pain, skip your morning cup. As hard as that might be, this is one time it's totally worth it.

2. Take Aspirin

Aspirin, $5.88,

An hour or so before your appointment, take aspirin. By the time you get waxed, it'll have kicked in and will help ease the pain. A bit.

3. Pay Attention To Your Hair Length

Your hair length totally affects how your wax is going to feel. If it's too short, it won't pull all the hair, but if it's too long and they don't trim it first, it's going to be super painful. You want your hair about 1/4 inch long when you get waxed.

4. Go After Your Period

Your pain threshold is higher in the first few days after your period, so if you can, schedule your waxes around your cycle.

5. Exfoliate Before

Sugar And Shea Grapefruit Scrub; $9.49;

Have you ever gotten waxed and experienced a whole bunch of ingrown hairs? That's because you need to exfoliate before. It will loosen the dead skin around your hair follicle, so you'll avoid ingrown hairs and have a smoother and faster wax.

6. Avoid Tight Clothing

After a wax, your skin needs to breathe. Wear loose clothing to avoid irritation right after.

7. Take A Bath

Before going to your wax, take a warm bath. The heat will open up your pores, making it easier for the hair to come out.

Images: Target; Walmart; Pexels; Pixabay