13 Perfect 'GoT' Memes About Sam In The Library

Game of Thrones is not a show with a lot of joyful moments. But on the season finale of Season 6, we were treated to a few pleasant and kind of beautiful seconds when Samwell Tarly entered the Citadel Library. Sam in the library has become a meme of course, the lovable character's awe-struck face the perfect expression of internet wonder. The meme has particularly resonated with the more bookish corners of the internet, with many comparing Sam's reaction to their own library-induced wonder.

For a little context, the moment the meme captures is when Samwell Tarly reaches the Citadel in the hopes of training to become a Maester. Before he can meet with the Archmaester, he is asked to wait in the library, something he is more than happy to do. Unlike some of the brawnier members of the Night's Watch, Sam is a reader, which makes this an especially exciting moment for him. While the episode ends before we find out if Sam is able to plead his case, the moment is a hopeful one, suggesting the scholarly life that could lie ahead for Sam.

The unusual length and quietness of the scene, the everyman nature of Sam's character, and that amazed expression guaranteed that this would go viral. From the very silly to the kind of magical, here are the best jokes about Sam in the library.

Many Noticed A Disney Similarity

The library looks a lot like the Beast's library in Beauty and the Beast.

And Sam Is Basically Belle

"There must be more than this provincial...wall!"

Others Noticed Another Childhood Connection

Maybe Sam should just be a librarian.

It Made Some People Want A New Job

Are you hiring?

And Made Others Want A New Home

Any reading nooks available for permanent ?

That Kind Of Attention Would Be Great

Or a little creepy.

Others Think Sam Has A New Love

Season 7 will see a very different turn for Sam.

Some Things Are Eternal

Books are forever.

Book Lovers Rejoiced

We all want to go to there.

There Were Some George R.R. Martin Burns


And Then There Was A Good Suggestion For Season 7

I'd watch it.

Who knew watching Game of Thrones could make you want to visit your local library? Or make you feel joy?

Image: HBO