What To Know About Unmatching Someone On Tinder

by Courteney Larocca

When it comes to Tinder, everyone has a unique approach. Some people are just looking for a hookup, some use it to find love, some just want to meet new people, and others like to play around on it. There's really no best way to use Tinder — it all depends on what you're looking for. For instance, I'm the kind of person that consistently ignores people when they message me and on the rare occasion that I do answer, I end up ghosting them at some point in the conversation. I know it's a terrible habit, but the only thing I take seriously is the "Keep Playing" option because this app feels like more of a game to me than anything else. And, with all games come a range of decisions to make.

One of these decisions is whether or not to unmatch someone. Reasons for wanting to unmatch someone can range from not wanting someone to be able to send you messages anymore to just wanting to clear up space on your phone. Regardless of your reason, it's likely that at one point you will want to delete someone from your list of matches. Fortunately, Tinder has thought of this and gives you the option to unmatch someone. However, since Tinder is more about making connections as opposed to breaking them, the unmatch option isn't as visible as some of the other options, so you may not even know you have it.

If you desperately need to unmatch someone or you're a Tinder newbie and want to know more about how the app works, have no fear. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully end a Tinder union.

1. Click On The Person You Want To Unmatch

Find who you want to unmatch on your page of matches. As an example, I'm going to remove D from my list of 234 matches. Once I click on D, the app will bring me to a page where I can message them or, in this case, unmatch them.

2. Click On The Three Dots In The Upper Right

Once you're in the your private chat page with this person, click on the ellipses in the upper righthand corner. This will give you a range of options to choose from, including the exact option that you're currently looking for.

3. Select "Unmatch"

The ellipses that you just pressed will bring up a series of three options at the bottom of the page: "Unmatch," "Report" and "Show Profile." "Report" will allow you to report this person to Tinder for inappropriate behavior and "Show Profile" will bring you to the person's profile that you saw when you originally matched them. However, in order to no longer have this person as a match, click on "Unmatch."

4. Choose A Reason

Here's where things get real. If you're having doubts and no longer want to unmatch this person, click on "Cancel." If you're truly done with this person, select a reason for unmatching. If you don't have a reason for this virtual breakup, Tinder's got your back and offers "No Reason" as an option. Finally, click the red button that says "Unmatch" and unmatch this person for real.

5. Say Goodbye To Your Match

Once you unmatch this person, Tinder will bring you back to your page of matches and the person you just unmatched will be gone. As you can see, D is now gone forever and I now have 233 matches. Easy, right?

Now that you have successfully unmatched someone on Tinder, you can happily move onto a life without them and their virtual presence. Now, excuse me while I find someone to right swipe and bring my match count to a slightly more aesthetically pleasing count of 234.

Images: Fotolia; Courteney Larocca/Bustle (5)