The 2016 USA Olympic Uniform Designer Is...

The 2016 Olympics are just one month away, and with all the excitement leading up to the opening ceremony, you might be wondering who designed the 2016 USA Olympic uniforms? It's definitely no surprise, and they're seriously great.

Team USA always wears matching uniforms at the opening and closing olympic ceremonies, wearing different outfits for each, and given that the designer has been the same for the last five olympics, you might be wondering if we're in for a shake up this year — but nope. Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms for team USA this year as well, a role he's fulfilled since the Beijing Olympics in 2008. And it makes sense, because it doesn't really get more all-American than Ralph Lauren, right?

The uniforms have been revealed for the closing ceremonies (we're still waiting for a peek at the opening), and Team USA will be choosing between red, white, or blue button-down shirts with the Polo pony logo on the front and USA on the back. They'll be wearing these shirts over nautical, blue and white striped tees, and pairing them with classic chino shorts. Accessories include boat shoes, a striped belt, and cotton bracelets.

So classic, preppy, and American, right? Check them out from the back:

Can't wait to see what the opening ceremony uniform will be.