12 Anti-Trump Shirts & Accessories, If You Want To Protest The Presidential Candidate

So you're in the thick of election season, and it's about that time when you want to express your views with a wry, funny, or simply eye-popping piece of political merchandise. If you're a likely Democratic voter or political progressive, there's a pretty good chance that you're against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. Here are 12 anti-Trump shirts, accessories, and bits of merchandise that you can buy on Amazon, if you're looking for a simple way to send a loud message.

Needless to say, presidential-campaign-themed products have a short shelf life, so bear that in mind when making your next Donald Drumpf merchandise purchase. It's tough, because even the most clever designs look a little bewildering once an election ends. But that doesn't deter people from getting in on the act. And once political merchandise is out of date, never fear! Now you've got political memorabilia, and if you hang onto it long enough, it might actually look kinda cool again someday. In any case, here are 12 options for anti-Trump shirts and other merch that you can easily order online.

1. The "Nope" T-Shirt

NOPE Donald Trump T-Shirt (Sizes Kids 4 - 2XL), $19, Amazon

If any political image has become both iconic and somewhat overused, it's variations on Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster of President Obama. But it is an undeniably easy image to skew and parody, and this looks like pretty solid work.

2. The #NeverTrump T-Shirt

#NeverTrump T-Shirt (Sizes Kids 4-3XL), $23, Amazon

If you're an anti-Trump conservative, maybe you are or were a member of the #NeverTrump movement. And sure, even though it failed, there's no shame in coming up short if you tried your best.

3. The "Not My President" Shirt

The "Not My President" T-Shirt , $18, Amazon

Make no mistake, he's going to be America's president come January 20th. But as an outward political statement, you can make it clear both that you didn't vote for him, and that you stand with the millions-strong majority of voters who rejected his divisive, oft-racist and sexist campaign.

4. The "Stop Bigotry" T-Shirt

"Stop Bigotry" Trump T-Shirt (Sizes S-3XL), $20, Amazon

It's a simple enough message, but paired with that iconic swirl of hair, it'll be entirely clear what you're trying to say.

5. A Child's First Book Of Trump

A Child's First Book Of Trump, $11, Amazon

If you're looking for a fun prestige piece of Trump-related content, you won't do much better than A Child's First Book of Trump , by actor, writer, director, and comedian Michael Ian Black and illustrator Marc Rosenthal.

6. The Trump/Chump Poster

Trump To Chump Transformation Poster, $5, Amazon

Be forewarned that this isn't a full-sized poster ― it's just 12 inches by 18 inches. Still, it's got a pretty crisp design, and could be good for the outside of a door, or facing out from inside a window. Plus, "chump" is an inherently funny word.

7. Trump Toilet Paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper, $12, Amazon

Imagine yourself eating a sumptuous meal. OK, actually, imagine yourself eating some Trump steaks, with Trump water and Trump wine. Needless to say, you're going to need to prepare yourself. After all, human bodies are human bodies, and all those Trump-brand consumables have to turn to waste eventually. In that spirit, here's some Trump-themed toilet paper ― probably better as a bathroom novelty than for actual use, but still.

8. The "Love Trumps Hate" T-Shirt

Love Trumps Hate T-Shirt (Sizes Kids 4-3XL), $12, Amazon

If you want to state a strongly progressive ideal with a piece of anti-Trump attire, this message definitely rings true.

9. The "I'm Still With Her" T-Shirt

The "I'm Still With Her" T-Shirt , $20, Amazon

Sure, the campaign may be over, and less than 100,000 votes scattered across the wrong states may have elected Trump despite him losing the popular vote by millions, but that doesn't mean you can't still let the world know where you stood.

10. The "Nasty" T-Shirt

The "Nasty" T-Shirt , $11-$17, Amazon

If you identified with Hillary Clinton in that now-infamous moment in the third presidential debate, when an obviously outgunned Trump sneered "what a nasty woman," then this shirt ought to suit you quite well. This isn't just for women, either ― it comes in men's and youth cuts, too.

11. The "I Miss Obama" T-Shirt

The "I Miss Obama" T-Shirt , $20, Amazon

You know you're going to be thinking it a lot over the next four-to-eight years, so you might as well splash it across your chest. Miss him already?

12. The Donald Trump Chia Planter

Chia Donald Trump Pottery Planter, $20, Amazon

OK, so admittedly, this one isn't specifically designed to be anti-Trump. But sometimes, even a politically neutral product can send the perfect message. This Donald Trump Chia Planter is a prime example.

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