How To Clean & Organize Your Home In A Weekend With 9 Helpful Tools

I work primarily from home, which means that, at any point during the day, I’m surrounded by distractions. If I don’t clean and organize my home over the weekend, I’m left with mounds of clutter that start calling my name (alongside other disturbing phrases, like “Hurry, Maria, clean me, before I grow legs,”) the second I sit down to start my writing shift. To keep yourself focused come Monday morning, there are a few weekend home organizing tips to know that will make your life way less cluttered.

It’s been scientifically proven that a clean living environment (as well as a clean working environment) has tons of positive effects on your psyche. A space that’s organized and clutter-free can boost motivation, lower stress levels, improve happiness, and may even cause you to make healthier decisions. Even if you don’t work from home, taking some smart moves toward organizing and cleaning your house this weekend might just up your mood for the rest of the week.

The first step is to take a few hours on a Friday evening and really go through your stuff. A donation service like Goodwill is your best friend here, as it’s been speculated that owning less stuff actually makes you happier. Not sure where to start? Here are a few awesome ways to organize and clean your space, so you can feel stress-free this coming week, and all the weeks after.

1. Keep Your Clutter In Not-So-Plain Sight

Sodynee Foldable Cloth Storage Cubes , $18, Amazon

To help get your clutter looking sleek and fashionable, these Sodynee foldable cloth storage cubes are an awesome way to hide your mess in plain sight. They’re durable and reliable, fit well on shelves and in closets, and tie together any space. Still, when you’re not using them for clothes, blankets, toiletries, shoes, or supplies, they collapse for easy storage!

2. Make Bathroom Toiletries Look Like Part Of The Décor

Large Hexagon Glass Jars (Pack of 12) , $20, Amazon

These large hexagon glass jars are an awesome way to get toiletries, food items, and odds and ends looking like they’re part of your décor. This set comes with twelve food-grade glass jars and screw-on lids to help organize your entire house, top to bottom, while adding a little decorative flair to your shelves or countertops.

3. Utilize The Space Under Beds And Couches

Ziz Home Under The Bed Organizer , $9, Amazon

In a cluttered house, underutilized space is your best friend. This space-savvy Ziz under-the-bed organizer is made with breathable, eco-friendly fabric and a transparent top to keep all of your seasonal clothes and fabrics underneath your bed (all while remaining easy to find). It has easy-grab handles and anti-mold material, so your stuff stays fresh, clean, and out of the way when you’re not using it.

4. Stack Things Higher On Your Closet Shelves

Evelots Wire Shelf Dividers , $29, Amazon

When you’re dealing with flat shelves, formerly-organized clothing can turn into pandemonium real quick without these Evelots wire shelf dividers. This set of eight clips onto the shelving in your closets and cabinets to keep things stable and organized without toppling over. Reviewers love them because they’re durable, made well, and easy to install without tools.

5. Utilize Closet Wall Space With Grips For Cleaning Tools

Champ Grip , $12, Amazon

This number one best-selling Champ Grip helps you to utilize wall space inside closets or behind doors. It has five high-tension ball slots and six hooks that positively will not slip, so you can hang everything from bags to mops without any hassle. Reviewers say it takes merely ten minutes to mount it on the wall, and especially if you’ve got limited space, this no-slip gadget is a godsend.

6. Stop Space-Issues And Slippage In Your Closets By Upgrading Your Hangers

AmazonBasics Velvet Hangers , $25, Amazon

I’m absolutely in love with these AmazonBasics velvet hangers, as they have an ultra-thin profile and an anti-slip black velvet surface to keep your clothes compactly hung in your closet (and not on your closet floor). They’re a number one best-seller because they’re durable enough to hold up to ten pounds, they’re an incredible value, and they’ll entirely transform your closet to hold way more clothing than it could before.

7. Clean Your House Without Chemicals For A Fresh Feeling All Week

Method All Purpose Natural Beach Sage Cleaner , $30, Amazon

For some weekend cleaning that you can feel good about all week long, reach for Method's all-purpose sage cleaner. Instead of toxic chemicals, it uses all natural biodegradable ingredients that leave your house smelling like lush, dewy beach sage. You can use it on counters, tables, tiles, and metal appliances, which is why this pack of eight is so highly reviewed.

8. Organize Craft Areas And Cosmetics With A Pegboard

John Sterling Heavyweight Diamond Plate Steel Pegboard , $16, Amazon

Think pegboards are just for garages and workbenches? Think again. This John Sterling steel pegboard is built to last, looks modern and sleek, and can help you organize everything from your crafting space to your makeup. It makes use of underutilized wall space, and it can be used alongside tons of pegboard accessories, like hooks, baskets, trays, and cups.

9. Store Your Stuff Inside Your Furniture

Songmics Faux Leather Storage Bench , $40, Amazon

For extra storage that doubles as a seat or foot rest, there’s this Songmics faux leather storage bench. Its classic hollow design allows you to store everything from clothing to toys, and even though it’s foldable, it holds up to 660 pounds. The upholstery is beautiful and sleek, and reviewers say it adds a lot to any living area or office.

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