Justin Bieber Likes To Wakeboard In His Underwear

There were a lot of celebrity pictures I expected to come out of the 4th of July holiday weekend, and perhaps naively, a photo of Justin Bieber wakeboarding in his underwear was definitely not one of them. Not that I’m complaining, either. I mean… it’s quite a sight. I can only imagine the delight of waterway passersby and the neighborhood fish. Now, you might question why, exactly, Bieber would do a standing up water sport in his underwear, but I think there’s a good reason behind why he did it. Maybe even a few good reasons.

A little more detail on the matter at hand? Well, E! Online explains Biebs was in Miami for his concert, and this was apparently his preferred way of spend his free time before performing. Despite being Canadian, Biebs made sure not to pull this stunt on America’s birthday. The site explains this nearly nude activity happened on Sunday, July 3. In his defense, if I had to sweat on stage for hours in various costumes, maybe I’d want to frolic around in the water without the usual restricting clothing items on, too.

Here are 11 very good, extremely serious reasons why I think Justin Bieber wakeboarded in his underwear:

1. He's Probably Doing Promo For Calvin Klein


2. What If A Shark Ate His Swim Trunks Clean Off?

Completely plausible.

3. Or Perhaps He Gave Them To A Naked Wakeboarder In Need


4. He Just... Forgot

He was probably in a rush. I get it.

5. Maybe He Didn't Do Laundry And The Wakeboarding Session Wasn't Refundable

What was he supposed to do? Go out and buy another pair of swim trunks?

6. It Could Also Be That He's Trying To Get A Butt Tan

And I, for one, respect that.

7. Maybe The Wakeboard Was At Maximum Weight Capacity

Bathing suits, man. So heavy when they're full of water. Safety first, you know?

8. He Auctioned Off His Swim Trunks To A Rich(er) Passerby In Order To Afford Hamilton Tickets

This seems most likely.

9. A Seagull Came By And Swooped Them Off

Those damn things are all up in everybody's business.

10. He Was Shipwrecked, Had To Make A Flag Out Of His Bathing Suit To Get The Attention Of A Passing Boat, Succeeded, But Then Left Them On The Desert Island In His Hurry To Safety

Poor dude.

11. He's Justin Bieber