Will Arya Be Reunited With Her Family On 'GoT'?

Based on what went down at the end of Game Of Thrones Season 6 (obviously there be spoilers all up in here, y'all), it seems more likely that all the alive Starks will finally be reunited in the type of moment that will make us all cry as hard as when we watch those YouTube videos of veterans returning from the service and seeing their dogs (speaking of dogs, R.I.P. Shaggydog, Grey Wind, Summer, and Lady) for the first time. As the series goes on, the Starks are all getting closer geographically, and even more logistically than they've ever been before: Jon and Sansa are chilling together at Winterfell, probably arguing about who gets the master bedroom, Bran seems pretty close (the weather is the same, at least), and Arya is finally going home. Though there's no doubt Arya Stark could be reunited with her family, the question has now become: Will it go down in Season 7 of Game of Thrones?

I'm putting my money on the part of the roulette board that says "no siree." Arya is a Stark, and she totally wants to be reunited wither her family — but she's also got a long list of people to kill before she treats herself. Being a Faceless Man hasn't ended a girl's lust for vengeance — in fact, it's strengthened it, and now she also has the nifty trick of being anybody she wants. Remember what she did to Walter Frey? And, even more important, did you see her checking out Jaime Lannister? I'm thinking Arya-as-servant-girl is trying to hitch a ride to King's Landing so she can cross a few more names off her list (Cersei Lannister, perhaps, or The Mountain). (Also, is it just me, or can you already hear the clash of swords when The Hound comes to redeem himself by rescuing Arya from his evil frankenbrother just in time?)

Of course, it could also go the opposite way. After all, Arya seemed pretty stoked to just be a Stark when she was having her last chat with Jaqen H'ghar. She said, verbatim: "I am Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home.” Maybe she's en route to bask in her Starkness at the mecca of Starks, Winterfell, and massacring the Frey fam was just a roadside attraction on her way home.

Either way, I'm just hopeful that all the remaining Starks will be reunited, and they'll all learn to warg, do magical Stark things, and take down The Night King and his dead troops. It would be every so glorious if the Starks, the family we adore and have watched endure so much pain, were the ones leading the charge. After all, Melisandre —upon meeting Arya in Season 3 — did prophesize, "I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness, eyes staring back at me — brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you will shut forever. We will meet again." Who's to say those blue eyes won't be the eyes of a white walker?

Whatever happens, I'm sure our Arya can hack it. Even if she does end up dying in Season 7, she's not going to go down with a fight. Whether Arya has her Stark woes behind her or if she's riding solo, I'm certain we haven't seen the best of her. I hope she gets to spend some of that time relaxing with family soon — she deserves it.

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