How To Stream The RNC Convention, No Matter Where You Are

Even if you aren't thrilled with the likelihood that Donald Trump will likely receive the GOP presidential nomination, it still doesn't mean you should boycott the Republican National Convention. In fact, being aware of the discussions and proceedings held by the party that you do not intend to vote for isn't really a bad idea. And if you are looking for some places to watch the convention (which might not be a bad premise for throwing a party), there are some easy ways to stream it online. Here's how to watch the RNC convention, no matter where you are.

This year's RNC will be held in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, from July 18 to July 21. Ohio is historically a very crucial state for presidential candidates running on the Republican ticket, as no candidate has won the general election without winning Ohio. And let's not forget that former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is governor of the state.

One of the most accessible ways to stream the RNC will be via YouTube, which is owned by Google. In April, Google told Politico that it will be the official live-stream sponsor of the RNC convention. Google sponsored both the DNC and RNC in the 2012 election, as well as some of the primaries that were held this year.


But if for some reason you don't feel like watching on YouTube, another way to watch the convention is via the C-SPAN website. Plus, the New York Times website is another resource to watch, as it live-streamed presidential debates held during the primaries earlier this year. If you have an online login to cable, like Xfinity or Sling TV, you can be sure that the cable news networks like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and more will be airing the convention as well.

As the nation gets ready for the GOP convention, eyes will be focused on Trump and his next course of action. He's consistently said bizarre and offensive things throughout the course of his candidacy, so get your live-stream going to see what he has to say this time around at the RNC.