20 Donald Trump Tweets That Hilariously Imagine Him As A Colonial Candidate In 1776

There have been too many bad Donald Trump moments to keep track of over the last year, dating all the way back to his unfortunate announcement of his 2016 presidential bid. Now that the former reality TV star is the presumptive GOP nominee, there will likely be plenty more to keep track of over the course of the next few months. It's no secret either that some of Many of Donald Trump's most controversial statements have been delivered through his Twitter account. Now, Twitter users are posting some hilarious Trump tweets that imagine him in 1776 using the hashtag #1776Trump. The hashtag came in response to a @HuffPostComedy prompt telling Tweeters to "Break out the wooden toupees and overseas spouses, it's time for #1776Trump." And people responded in the best way, sharing their Independence Trump impressions and introducing some much-needed comic relief into one of the most dreaded elections since 1776.

The many tweets that came along with the hashtag perfectly exemplified Trump's Twitter voice and really got into the character of a 1776 American politician, with statements against the British and the Boston Tea Party. The Trump of 1776 even brought his classic name-calling tactics to the past with tweets referring to King George as "Crooked King George." Here are 20 of the best #1776Trump tweets.

Perhaps the best part of 1776 Trump is how much he sounds like 2016 Trump. Trump's various racist, misogynistic, and insulting comments of 2016 work so well for his 1776 personality. If anything, the hashtag says quite a bit about the founding and development of the United States as well.

But I'm waiting on Trump to share his own tweet with the hashtag. Maybe it will involve a lawsuit. "I signed a pledge. That pledge isn't being honored by the British. It's a double-edged pledge. Losers."