8 Expert Tips For Great Skin (No Makeup Necessary)

I’m a huge fan of makeup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s essential, or even that great for your skin. There are a few quick and simple ways to make skin look better without makeup, and you're doing yourself a huge solid when it comes to your health (besides the headaches you’ll avoid while trying to get that one winged eye to match the other). The trick to looking great without makeup is your skin — and taking steps each day to properly care for it.

It turns out that a lot of major cosmetics brands can use harmful chemicals, and they aren’t really making skin look great in the long run. Along with harmful ingredients, many cosmetics are filled to the brim with other toxins that soak right through your skin, as if you’ve just digested the thing directly. If you’re still not convinced that knowing how to go makeup-free is something you’d like to try, imagine casually nomming on your go-to powder foundation for lunch today.

It's also been suggested that some makeup products cause the exact same acne, discoloration, dryness, wrinkles, and oil production that you’re trying to avoid by using it in the first place. Consequently, if you’re willing to cut out your morning makeup routine, check out these ways to improve the look and feel of your skin without any cosmetics or concealers whatsoever.

1. Exfoliate (Gently) For A Better Complexion

Organity Exfoliating Scrub , $15, Amazon

According to Holly Sherrard, education manager for Dermalogica Canada, “Exfoliating increases cell turnover to reveal newer, healthier skin cells,” as well as “imparts an all-over healthy glow.” Organity's exfoliating scrub contains all organic ingredients (like antioxidant-rich super fruits) that gently buff away old skin and hydrate the new skin underneath it. Reviewers love the thick, creamy texture, and the spa-like smell, and because it’s all-natural and gentle, it’s great for sensitive skin.

2. Keep Skin Hydrated For A Natural-Looking Glow

Organic Fields Of Heather Facial Moisturizer , $4, Amazon

As pro makeup artist Carmindy told Harper's Bazaar, a great moisturizer is “the secret to keeping skin moist and glowy on its own,” without any brightening cosmetics. Organic Fields Of Heather's facial moisturizer contains only nine pronounceable ingredients that moisturize, heal, and soothe skin without any pore-clogging chemicals. It’ll leave skin feeling smooth and clear, so you can skip the foundation altogether.

3. Take It Easy With Your Cleanser

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap , $15, Amazon

Toxic and chemically harsh soaps are more trouble than they’re worth, dermatologist Patricia Farris told the Wall Street Journal. When your face feels squeaky clean, it’s "actually a sign of harmful stripping of the skin.” Instead, reach for something natural and gentle, like this rose hips black soap. It uses awesome fruit oils and parts of plants to cleanse the face and even the skin tone without overdoing it.

4. Tone And Shrink Pores' Appearance With Rose Water

Ella Grace Organics Rose Water Toner , $17, Amazon

According to dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser, “Rosewater hydrates, revitalizes, and moisturizes the skin while simultaneously reducing inflammation and redness.” This rose water toner is a great way to get your skin to look glowy without any cosmetics whatsoever, as it uses a natural blend of rose water and witch hazel that tightens the appearance of pores, cleanses skin, and eases discoloration.

5. Get Rid Of Under-Eye Circles Without The Concealer

Toulon Ultra Hydrating Eye Gel , $15, Amazon

My biggest cosmetics dependence is my under-eye concealer, but with something like Toulon's ultra-hydrating eye gel, concealers become obsolete. This gel uses organic, natural, and hydrating ingredients to plump and stimulate the under-eye area, so that dark circles fade away, and you look rested and bright even without makeup.

6. Skip The Loofah — Go All Natural

Konjac Sponge , $9, Amazon

As dermatologist and author Dr. David Bank told Style Caster, loofahs are a no-go for clear and natural-looking skin. On top of being too abrasive, “the bacteria grows in these and then you put them on your face — this is just a recipe for disaster!” Instead, reach for a konjac sponge, which is all-natural, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, super gentle, and is infused with activated charcoal to pull impurities right out of your skin’s surface. It also helps to control oil production and balance pH, which is just what a makeup-free face needs.

7. Replenish Your Skin’s Natural Acne-Fighting Flora

Emerald Probiotic Skin Care Elixir , $20, Amazon

Healthy blemish-free skin has beneficial bacteria (called flora) that fight against infections and pimples, but most antibacterial soaps strip these flora, so it’s imperative to replenish them — Emerald Probiotic's elixir does just that. It’s entirely organic, and it contains the correct strands of healthy bacteria that help fight acne, dry skin, rashes, discoloration, and breakouts.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water To Promote Elasticity And Avoid Breakouts

GoGlass Water Bottle , $15, Amazon

All cells need water to function properly, and skin cells are no exception. The more water you drink, the better your skin will look, and this GoGlass water bottle makes it easy with its travel-friendly leak-proof design. It’s made from high-quality glass, so it won’t leech chemicals the way plastics or metals do, and it also has a high-quality wooden cap, leather handle, and insulated sleeve.

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