How To Get Sand Out Of Your Shoes & Save Yourself The Struggle This Summer

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It's hard to imagine there being a downside to the beach, but if there is one, it's probably getting sand stuck in everything. It's almost impossible to get out, so when you go to wear that item again and feel beads of sand everywhere, you may be tempted to just toss it. But don't — it's time to learn how to get sand out of your shoes. It's going to make beach season a whole lot easier.

You may not care about getting a little sand in your shoes while you're at the beach, but when you go to wear the same pair to go to lunch, to work, or to run your errands a few days later and still feel the sand in there, you're going to be pretty irritated. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it makes your shoes dirty, so you definitely want to get rid of it. If your standard method of "flip upside down and shake it out" isn't working to get rid of all those grains, then there are a few other things you can try to get the sand out. The beach is amazing, but you shouldn't bring it back with you every time you go.

1. Turn Them Upside Down & Shake

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If you have a ton of sand in there, or if it's gotten seriously lodged in places, this may not work to get every little grain, but it will definitely get the bulk of the sand out. Just remember to do it outside — sand is even more annoying to get off your floors!

2. Knock Them On A Wall

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If just flipping them isn't working, knock them against a wall, a counter, or hit the soles together to help dislodge sand.

3. Throw Them In The Wash

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Definitely don't do this with any leather shoe, but if your shoes are a pair of sneakers, put them in the washing machine on a cold wash and let air dry.

4. Use A Vacuum

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If your vacuum has a removable nozzle for getting in hard-to-reach places, or you have a mini one, vacuum up the sand in your shoe.

5. Take The Soles Out

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If your soles are easily removable, take them out to get any sand our that's stuck underneath.

If the sand is still lodged in your shoes, try repeating the above steps. If all else fails, you have a great excuse to buy some new kicks.

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