Swatches of KathleenLights X ColourPop Are Here

I’d imagine that no matter how many times you’ve collaborated with a makeup brand, each time is special and exciting. This beauty vlogger is proving that statement to be true because she just can’t contain her excitement for her latest collab. Swatches from ColourPop X KathleenLights are available to see just a day after she officially announced the upcoming collaboration with the brand. These colors were just too good not to share!

After posting a very mysterious black and white photo of a few of the products that will be launching on July 12, KathleenLights announced that the collection will contain three ultra satin lippies and one eyeliner pen and pot. So, five new products are headed our way, but what amazing shades would they come in? Well, that secret’s out now, too!

Based on her previous collabs with the brand, you could have guessed that these shades would be in the mauve family because the girl’s got a style. By the looks of it, these latest lippies have more pinky, nude shades that you’re sure to love. The shades Alyssa and November seem to be a bit brighter than the lippies she’s created in the past, which make them perfect for summer. A bold lip look is sometimes just the way to go, you know?

This cryptic tweet was all it took to have everyone excited for the next installation of KathleenLights and ColourPop.

But, it wasn't long before she spilled the beans.

She shared everything, except for what colors the products would come in.

There's a little bit of everything here. Light pink to deep brown. YAS!

Thank goodness she was already ready to share the shades with us. I just couldn't wait any longer. Patience is definitely not my strong suit.

Pinks and browns make the lippies portion of this collection and a deep, brown eyeliner and pot complete it. These are going to make for one stunning beauty look.

I'm loving this rose shade.

Seriously, can it be July 12th already?