In Honor of 'Frozen's Billion Dollar Box Office, We Imagine "Let It Flow": An Homage to Making Money

It's no secret that Frozen has been dominating theaters and children's hearts the world over, but Disney has much to celebrate. Frozen hit one billion dollars the box office, shocking no one, but proving that we, as an audience, will let it flow for hits like "Let It Go" and "In Summer." Something about a tale of sisters, self acceptance, and seriously wintry animation won over viewing audiences all over the world, resulting in this massive payday for Disney, the biggest since classics like Toy Story 3 and The Lion King. Additionally "Let It Go" won an Oscar for Best Original Song and Frozen took home the trophy for Best Animated feature.

So in honor of Disney's big moment, we're rewriting "Let It Go" to express their joy over this huge money milestone. It's not every day that a single movie makes more in the box office than some countries make in a year, so it's worthy of noting, and worthy of honoring through song. The world has dumped a lot of well-earned cash into Frozen, so sing along to "Let It Flow," an ode to making cash off the desperate, sleep-deprived parents of the ten and unders.

"Let It Flow"

We made tons and tons of money off this movie

A billion frickin dollars

Disney has got the green

Just imagine how much budget

we can put towards other projects for the screen

The bosses they are howling, having a house party inside

This has been such a fun ride

We let 'em know

We let 'em see

That Disney is the company to beat

make cash, can't be beat

We let 'em know

We let 'em know

Let it flow, let it flow

a billion dollars you have thrown

Let it flow, let it flow

Come see our future features

We really care

That our films please your little creatures

The money you spent has made our day

It's funny how some money

Makes everything look great

The fear of flops that we felt strongly

Now doesn't affect our fate

It's time to see what we can spend

So much money to throw with glee

No budget, no worries, big films for us

Success wasn't free

Let it flow, let it flow

We love making all this cash

Let it flow, let it flow

You'll never slow us down

Here we stand

Here we'll stay

The top of the box office game

Image: Disney Animation Studio