Keep Cool All Summer With This Playlist

If you can't beat the heat, just find a way to enjoy it. That's the mantra everyone should take this summer, which doesn't seem to be settling down anytime soon. Even with the air conditioner on full blast, it's hard to truly feel cool in this sweltering heat. But, one thing that might help you distract yourself, even though it probably won't help your internal temperature? A playlist that will help you stay cool all summer long. I swear, these 14 songs will help you survive the summer in one piece by taking you to a very cool place.

I know, the AC is what will really cool you down on the sweatiest of days, but that's only if you define the word in terms of temperature. See, this playlist will have you feeling "cool" in nearly every sense of the word. There are songs that will help you feel like you're cooling down physically, while others will have you feeling cool emotionally and mentally. Some of the tracks will even have you embracing the heat in ways you never could have expected. (I mean, it's hard not to get all hot and bothered by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's summery anthems and that's not actually a bad thing.)

It turns out, cool is a state of mind and these 14 songs will help you finally get there. So grab a popsicle, stand in front of a fan and put these songs up as high as they can go. This summer, is going to be the coolest one yet. Trust me.

1. Drake — "One Dance"

With a Hennessy in your hand just like Drizzy himself, you can keep yourself calm, cool and collected on the dance floor. Possibly tipsy too, but I won't tell. You just do you this summer.

2. Demi Lovato — "Body Say"

Sure, last summer, Demi talked about keeping it cool, but she was really talking about keeping it hot and sultry. Take a page from her new song and do the same. As she says, "You can touch me with slow hands/ Speed it up, baby, make me sweat." It's the only type of sweating that you'll want to experience this summer. Sweat is a natural coolant, after all.

3. Angel Olsen — "Shut Up Kiss Me"

Summer love got you in the dumps? Follow Olsen's lead and just unleash your inner cool girl. "Shut up, kiss me, hold me tight," she commands. No matter the temperature, how could anyone refuse a proposition like that? Especially when it's being said by someone on roller skates.

4. Desiigner — "Panda"

Hate to break it to you, but Desiigner isn't really talking about pandas, which would be straight-up adorable. Instead, he's talking about cars: Black and white BMW X6's to be exact. There's no better way to cool down than opening all the windows and heading for the highway with this song blaring. Of course, I don't condone going all Fast and Furious this summer — that would be dangerous and very not cool.

5. DNCE — "Cake By The Ocean"

While I wouldn't necessarily recommend actually eating cake by the ocean, especially ice cream cake because that's bound to melt immediately, it does seem relaxing to have your cake and eat it too by a beautiful ocean. The height of class really.

6. Sia — "Cheap Thrills"

You don't need money to stay cool this summer. According to Sia, all you need is to go out and dance. Best part is, you can really dance anywhere and most places will have A/C. This is basically the best way to bring down your electric bill this summer.

7. Fat Joe And Remy Ma Feat. French Montana & Infa Red — "All The Way Up"

Everything, most notably the air conditioning, needs to be way up this summer. All the way up.

8. Fifth Harmony — "Work From Home"

If your office isn't quite kept at a temperature you like, you can try working from home. Keep that A/C flowing and your brain power optimal.

9. Luke Bryan — "Huntin', Fishin' & Lovin' Every Day"

It's the perfect three-step plan to having a great summer. Don't believe me? Watch the video above and then let's talk.

10. Selena Gomez — "Body Heat"

According to Gomez in this track, all anyone needs is a little body heat. Since summer is a major producer of hot bodies (literally and figuratively) this song seems like the perfect soundtrack to your next three months.

11. Maggie Rogers — "Alaska"

Rogers sings about walking through the "icy streams" and "glacial plains" of Alaska, which sounds great right about now. Put this song on and let it take you away to a land where it's surprisingly pleasant in the summer. Alaska, here we come.

12. Weezer — "Endless Bummer"

Sometimes staying cool just means you have to realize what you're working with. And sometimes summer is a real bummer: it's hot, it's humid, and before you know it, it's over. This song will hopefully help with your summertime sadness before you get yourself back on track.

13. Dua Lipa — "Hotter Than Hell"

Know, that no matter how hot it gets this summer, it will not, in fact, be hotter than hell. Put this song on repeat to remind yourself.

14. Meghan Trainor — "Me Too"

There's no better way to stay cool this summer than by just being yourself. That's why Trainor has the perfect anthem for when you need to feel at your absolute coolest. Just let them know you wish you could be you, too.

No one can change the weather this summer, but hopefully these songs will get you in a cooler state of mind — no matter what your personal definition of "cool" is.