How To Copy Taylor Swift's Curly Short Hair, Because It's Perfect For Summer — VIDEOS

If you fell in love with T. Swift's gorgeous, natural curls when she first started out, then you may have seriously been missing them over the past several years. Swiftie has gravitated more towards straight, blown-out, or iron-created waves in more recent times, but her natural curls have finally made an appearance, according to People, and if you're wondering how to copy Taylor Swift's curly short hair, there are a few tutorials that will teach you how.

Swift's curls were her defining characteristic for a while there — they were loose, natural, fun, and fit right into her innocent, country image. But let's be real — she's changed a whole lot since then. Not only has she grown up and matured, but she's also transitioned from country to pop, so needless to say, her hair has changed along with her. Though she definitely rocks curls from time to time, they're usually created with a curling iron, so it's been a while since we've seen her natural, bouncy curls. But they're back, and they're just as beautiful as you remember.

Ruby Rose posted a snap to Instagram from Swift's Fourth of July party, and in it, the 26-year-old is rocking her au natural hair, and TBH, it may look even better on short hair.

So cute, right? It's that natural, effortless thing we first fell in love with, but on short hair, it feels updated, modern, and a little bit edgy. In case you forgot, this is what her natural hair was like:

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

So this is definitely the more grown-up way to rock her signature 'do. If you have naturally curly hair like Swift, then yours will do this naturally, but if not and you want to know how you can recreate her curly short hair, these tutorials will help you out.

Tight Curls

This tutorial will show you how to use an iron to create tighter, more bouncy curls like Swift's.


The beauty of Swift's curls is that they're natural, so she doesn't have to use any heat. If you want to avoid irons but your hair doesn't naturally have that much curl, try this tutorial for heatless curls overnight.

Messy, Voluminous Curls

For more of that beachy, natural look that isn't so "styled," this tutorial will show you how to create big, messy, voluminous curls. Even though heat is involved, it'll look like your hair is naturally curly, or you just left the beach.

Messy Waves

If you prefer your curls a little looser, try out the look we've seen her rocking a lot more recently: messy waves.