How Do You Use Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat has just announced another totally useful feature that will save you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome as you scroll through months of questionably focused pictures and videos in your camera roll looking for the one or two appropriate birthday Snaps you saved to show your parents. The new feature, which is being steadily rolled out over the next month, is called Snapchat Memories, and it is all about commemorating special moments. But how do you use Snapchat Memories? Will you really be able to hand your whole phone over to your grandma to let her live vicariously through your honeymoon Snaps?

The basic functions of Memories are pretty simple. Once the feature has been added to your app, you'll receive a message from the Snapchat team. Then, you'll be able to save your favorite Snaps and Stories to a brand new Memories tab with a button near the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. To access all of your saved Memories, simply swipe up from the camera screen. You can build new Stories from Snaps saved to your Memories or even combine Stories to make longer form super-Stories. (And don't forget to follow @bustledotcom on Snapchat while you're at it!)

Here's where things get totally 21st Century. You can quickly locate the Memories related to a certain subject with the Memories search function located at the top of the Memories tab. Without adding a single tag or caption, you can search through your Memories for people, objects, and locations like "New York City" or less specific ones like "beach." Snapchat will use object recognition and your phone's own metadata to locate the relevant Memories for quick sorting.

There's even a password protected feature called My Eyes Only so your grandma really can scroll through your honeymoon photos completely unsupervised without the danger of unintentionally creating a family scandal. Add a Snap or Story to this folder by clicking the Snap options at the top of the screen and selecting Move to My Eyes Only.

Check out the video introducing Snapchat's newest method for memory making.

The Memories feature seems perfectly engineered to create and share sappy love Stories, highly curated birthday Snaps, and timelines of recently adopted puppies growing up. Happy Snapping, boys and girls.

Images: Snapchat/Youtube