Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston's Relationship Sounds Like The Lyrics To "I Know Places," So Are They Filming A Video For It?

If there's one celebrity relationship that the world can't take their eyes off of, it's the alleged one between pop star Taylor Swift and the Internet's boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Between kissing on the rocky shores of Rhode Island to speeding down a water slide, Hiddleswift's budding love story has been very well-documented. In fact, it's this so-called evidence of their love that is making some fans a little skeptical of the "realness" of this romance. There's been a theory floating around courtesy of some fans who think that Swift is filming a music video with Hiddleston, which, according to Buzzfeed, they cite as the reason all of the Hiddleswift paparazzi photos were taken by the same agency. So far, neither party has stated that they are working on a music video, nor have they confirmed an official relationship. So, I have to wonder: could Swift be fooling us all to make a powerful statement about the media? I have noted she already has one song that would work perfectly: The lyrics of Swift's track "I Know Places" describe a romance watched by the whole world, and it could bode well for a music video based on Hiddleswift's love story.

If Swift is filming such an elaborate music video for "I Know Places," it could be her biggest statement yet: much like "Blank Space" poked fun at the "crazy ex-girlfriend" role that the media often boxes Swift into, this could be a way to send a message to tabloids who obsess over celebrities' love lives.

Check out these lyrics:

You stand with your hand on my waist lineIt's a scene and we're out here in plain sightI can hear them whisper as we pass byIt's a bad sign, bad sign

Now, couple these lyrics with this photo:

Hmm... interesting, no? Swift elaborated on what "I Know Places" is about in an interview with Grammy Pro, and made it clear that it's about finding love with someone when the paparazzi are constantly on their trail — which is exactly what's going on between her and Hiddleston:

"I kind of was in a place where I was like, ‘No one is gonna sign up for [a relationship with me]. There are just too many cameras pointed at me. There are too many ridiculous elaborations on my life. It’s just not ever gonna work... But I decided to write a love song, just kind of like, ‘What would I say if I met someone really awesome and they were like, hey, I’m worried about all this attention you get?’ So I wrote this song called "I Know Places" about, like, ‘Hey, I know places we can hide. We could outrun them.’"

Is it possible that Swift's relationship with Hiddleston has more to do with proving her point about the paparazzi than true love? Given that neither party has confirmed their relationship, I'm not writing this theory off. While Hiddleswift shippers might hate the idea of a theory about the duo's love being faked, making a music video for "I Know Places" based on the Hiddleswift rumors would prove that Swift is in total control of her own image. Given that Swift has been the subject of so many romantic rumors in the past, it would be awesome to see this star making such a powerful statement.