Philando Castile Shooting Tweets & Images

After a Minnesota police officer fatally shot Philando Castile on Wednesday evening, the nation was reminded of just 24 hours earlier when the same thing happened across the country. In a matter of one day, police officers were responsible for killing Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Castile of Minnesota, for non-violent offenses. In fact, in both incidents, both men were committing any sort of crime. These tweets and images from the scene of Castile's shooting are disturbing, and they show the broken community in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, tonight.

Castile was reportedly pulled over for a broken taillight, though later eye-witness reports revealed that both of his taillights were actually working. An officer shot Castile in the arm four times during a traffic stop after Castile reached for his license and registration, as instructed by the officer. Castile's girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, and a child were in the car with him when the incident took place. Reynolds captured a video of the aftermath of the shooting and posted it to Facebook.

Since the event transpired on Wednesday evening, countless people have gathered at the scene of the crime in Minnesota. These tweets and images from the scene show that people will not be silent on yet another Black life gone too soon at the hands of a police officer:

As with many of these senseless killings, the crowds at the scene of Castile's death prove that communities are fed up with police brutality. Castile would have turned 33 years old on Friday.