Dan Harmon Documentary 'Harmontown' Gets A Trailer, A Look At The Living Legend

When it comes to modern creative figures, Dan Harmon has staked his territory as one of the most interesting. He's notoriously genius but difficult to work with, and there's hardly any equation more suited for a long-lasting creative legacy than that. Enter Harmontown , a documentary following Harmon through the lens of his podcast of the same name.

He records Harmontown every Sunday at the Nerdist theater in the back of Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. In fact, it's the site of that infamous incident where he played Chevy Chase's angry voicemail to an audience — a moment at least partially credited with his eventual firing.

From the looks of the trailer, the film — which will premiere Saturday, March 8 at the upcoming SXSW festival in Austin — is a thoughtful look at a man whose troubles have mixed with how rabidly beloved he is in a way that's already made him a legend. "Tortured genius" is a phrase one fan in the trailer used, and that seems an apt description of how the public sees him after his firing and then re-hiring at the hands of NBC and Sony.

"I need to form a relationship with the audience everywhere I go," he says in one clip. "I know that I'm not just a fat fired alcoholic, and I have affects on people. And so...what do you do with that?"

The film also features his fiance and Harmontown producer Erin McGrath, as well as Harmontown co-host Jeff B. Davis and countless people who've worked with or interacted with him before. On his Community firing Sarah Silverman, who worked with Harmon briefly on her Comedy Central show, comments "I'm his biggest fan, and I fired him."

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Image: Ryan Carmody/Nerdist