'12 Years A Slave's Getting A Much Bigger Audience After It Crushed At the Oscars

Hey, remember when 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture at the Oscars Sunday night? That's a big deal for a movie! For fairly obvious reasons! But the fun does not stop there — nope, the fun brings the heartwrenchingly depressing slavery tales into theaters for even longer: 12 Years A Slave 's getting a theater expansion in the wake of its big win.

Although it tends to be out of character for theaters to continue to hold films that have come out on DVD (the 12 Years DVD comes out this Tuesday), an exception seems like it'll be made for 12 Years, which will expand to nearly 800 theaters by Friday.

It's a decision which makes a lot of sense: People seem most likely to see Oscar nominated movies either in the slide into the awards or in the wake of them, buoyed by the giant stamp of mass critical approval an Oscar serves as in cultural memory. So when a film wins both Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress — and that Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong'o, is being widely talked about as the MVP of the night and very possibly the MVP of Hollywood in general so far this 2014 — it seems like a good enough sign that the supply should rise to meet the demand. Because if you didn't already feel guilty enough for not having seen the biggest slavery movie in a decade, well, this probably made it worse.

Image: Fox Searchlight