These Illustrations Show What Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety is a condition that affects people in every region and of every demographic, but people who suffer from anxiety disorders still often feel like they're alone in what they're experiencing. Hoping to help people realize they aren't alone, however, Indian artist and illustrator Pranita Kocharekar created a series of illustrations about anxiety titled "Is That You?" based on her own experiences and those of her friends. Not only do they help draw attention to what life is like with anxiety, but moreover, they're encouraging reminders that others know how we feel.

"It is difficult to acknowledge and understand a mental illness no matter how small or big it may be," Kocharekar tells Bustle in an email. "I was hoping people can relate to these situations. Acknowledging anxiety is the first step to cure!"

The 16 illustrations depicts situations that Kocharekar and her friends remember dealing with in their own lives, while also capturing what it feels like to cope with anxiety. From being unable to let go of small worries, to stressing about the potential for disaster in everyday situations, to being so used to worrying that you find yourself worrying about nothing at all, just by default, the illustrations showcase many of the experiences people with anxiety face every day.

Kocharekar says that she hopes the illustrations help people who deal with anxiety feel less alone. "After speaking to a few friends about anxiety, I realised that there are many people who suffer from minor and major anxiety."

Although rates vary from country to country, about one in 13 people worldwide suffers from anxiety. However, anxiety disorders still aren't well understood in most societies. Kocharekar says that she hopes people who don't have anxiety can learn to be more patient with and supportive of those who do.

"The series was an attempt to spread awareness about the emotions and feelings of an anxious person, not the symptoms," she explains. "I really hope people can understand anxiety (and other mental illnesses) and help one another overcome them."

Previously, Kocharekar has worked on another mental illness-related art series called "Therapy Sessions," which can be found here. She says she hopes to do more such projects in the future, and to design a zine. You can find more of her work, and more illustrations in the "Is That You?" series on her Instagram here.

Images: Courtesy of Pranita Kocharekar