What Comey, Clinton, And 'Hamilton' Have In Common

FBI Director James Comey was doing his thing, testifying about Hillary Clinton’s emails, when the conversation turned to Hamilton, as conversations these days tend to do. About two hours into the hearing, Florida Congressman John Mica asked Comey if he’d yet had the privilege of seeing the absurdly popular Broadway phenomenon, to which Comey graciously responded that he had not, but would like to. Presumably, it's on his to-do list for when, you know, he's less busy testifying about investigating the possibly illegal and/or national-security-compromising actions of the person who has a good shot at being our next president.

It’s maybe a testament to Comey’s poise that he didn’t even hesitate or make a funny face before answering. He just dove right in with a straight face. Mica, though, looked as though he would not have been impressed with the former’s answer no matter what it was, continuing on about how the show's choreography won a Tony Award, all while Comey looked on gamely.

At least Mica was going somewhere with this; he went on to try to make the point that Clinton supposedly engaged in a masterful kind of choreography — that is, between her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, when they met last week in the now-infamous "Tarmac-Gate" in Phoenix.

I don't think anyone would have argued that Mica's move, which was met with much Twitter awe and delight, would win any awards. Definitely not a Tony for choreography.

But to anyone tired of hearing about Clinton's emails, it (almost) made the hearing bearable.