11 ‘Instant Results’ Beauty Products That Work Fast For Hair & Skin

Taking time out of an already busy morning to wait for makeup or hair products to work can be a massive pain. Thankfully, there are fast-acting beauty products out there that give beauty lovers instant results straight from the bottle, as who has the time to watch their hair dry? These are the 'instant gratification' products to reach for when you're in a hurry to see the finished look, or you just can't be bothered with an hour-long beauty routine.

Whether you just finished at the gym and need to make your hair look clean fast, or you simply want to quickly style it and be done already, you can find a beauty product for hair that gets you fast results. And if you're in a rush but want to wake up your skin in time for a date or meeting, think about incorporating highlighter and bronzer into your routine, as they can instantly brighten up your face.

Instead of waking up hours before you need to go, in order to give each step of your beauty routine time to set, skip the early morning alarm. These fast, effective beauty products work as soon as you put them on, so you can see the finished look as soon as you're done applying.

1. Instantly Absorb Excess Oils & Deodorize Hair

Moroccan oil Dry Shampoo, $19, Amazon

Instead of having to worry about washing your hair when you oversleep, use a top-rated dry shampoo to refresh. Your hair will be refreshed, deodorized, and feel silky to the touch. Purchase a dark or light tone to seamlessly blend the formula into your hair. This one is infused with argan oil and prevents UV damage, and reviewers say it doesn't leave a residue like some dry shampoos do.

2. Style Hair With Sea Salt Spray For Tons Of Frizz-Free Volume

Sun Bum Beach Formula - Sea Spray, $15, Amazon

If you don't have time to style your hair, the perfect solution is a salt spray. The right lightweight spray formula will add volume and eliminate frizz — this one gives hair gorgeous texture from its Hawaiian black lava sea salt, sea kelp, and seaweed. Plus, you'll get powerful UV protection (a great find for those with colored hair), and you won't have to worry about that sticky feeling later because of its matte finish.

3. Instantly Revive Hair Mid-Day (Without The Crunch)

Living Proof Amp Texture Volumizer, $17, Amazon

If it's midday and your hair has fallen flat, refresh your style with a cream that you can apply to dry hair. This formula won't make your hair stiff or sticky, and you can restyle your hair for up to 48 hours with the cream's effective thickening dots (which add volume, strand by strand). It's sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free, and users say it helps their tousled styles last all day long.

4. When Heat Styling, Immediately Protect Hair From Hot Temperatures Beforehand

ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector , $14, Amazon

If you need to quickly straighten or curl your hair, don't forget to first spray a heat protectant with argan oil onto strands. This is not only perfect for protecting hair from styling tools, but it also protects hair from sun damage. See immediate moisturizing results from the rosemary, peach, thyme, sage, and ginseng mixture, too.

5. Say Goodbye To Dry, Cracked Skin

Body and Bath Oil, $15, Amazon

There is nothing worse than feeling itchy throughout the day because of parched skin. Lotions can help once they soak in, but if you want to feel moisturized instantly, a body oil is a great idea. Apply this one right after you get out of the shower, and your skin will reap the amazing ingredients (think: jojoba, vitamin E, grapefruit, and orange oils). Your skin will not only feel amazing, but you'll smell great, too.

6. Use Vitamin C & Green Tea To Lose The Puffy Eyes

Foxbrim Youthful Radiance Eye Cream, $14, Amazon

When my face looks a bit tired, I reach for a super hydrating eye cream that leaves me with a brighter complexion. Look for a lightweight formula that reduces swelling, so you don't find yourself with bags under your eyes. With ingredients like green tea and vitamin C, your skin will feel moisturized look brighter.

7. Have 15 Minutes? Use Them To Strip Away Blackheads

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe Nose Strip, $9, Amazon

Stubborn blackheads got you feeling down? Apply this volcanic clay nose strip, and after 15 minutes, see your blackheads up close and personal. The strips use New Zealand's Rotura mud that instantly unclogs pores and removes dirt, blackheads, and oil. One user said, "When I use this I always have at least 10 deep blackheads that get pulled out." I'd say those are great results.

8. Brighten Skin With A Quick Sheet Facemask

Dr. Jart Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution Mask Sheet (5 Count), $23, Amazon

Because this mask uses Glutathione, your complexion will brighten and dark spots will begin to fade after one use. Not only does it help with evening out skin tone, but it also soothes redness and inflamed skin. The sheet mask is filled with essential ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and niacin amid.

9. Get A Sun-Free Glow In Seconds

LORAC Baked Bronzer, $33, Amazon

I can't use self-tanner — I just never got the hang of it. Instead, I use a baked bronzer. It provides me with a natural, bronzed look in seconds without the possibility of turning orange because I left a lotion on for too long. Your skin will be glowing with this luminous powder, which comes with a mirror and brush in the compact.

10. Shiny Skin? Use Green Tea To Quickly Remove Oil

Premium Oil Absorbing Sheets (100 Pack), $8, Amazon

If you have oily skin, by mid-day, your face can start to look very shiny. Use an oil blotting paper to remove excess oil without drying out skin. You can use it with makeup without worrying about smudging. These ones are made out of natural Abaca leaf fiber and infused with green tea, which means that your skin will feel soothed and fresh.

11. Quickly Setting Makeup Ensures No Time-Absorbing Touch-Ups Later

Art Naturals Makeup Setting Spray, $13, Amazon

Do you want to look like you just applied your makeup all day long? Use a makeup setting spray to instantly seal in your look. This one keeps your face looking fresh and vibrant for up to 16 hours. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and won't dry out your skin or cause irritation. Plus, it dries instantly, so say goodbye to streaky makeup for good.

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