Nick's Reddit AMA was Eye-opening

This morning, during Nick Lachey's Reddit AMA, he taught us a whole lot more than the fact that he was the brother of Drew, Jessica Simpson's ex for whom she saved herself FOREVERRRRRR, and a member of the boy band that was not *NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys, but still existed in the late '90s/early 2000s. (For reference: their R&B slow-sex jam that haunted bar mitzvah slow dances around the nation: I Do (Cherish You) ."

Anyway, today marked Lachey's first day as host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz, so he let the Internet unleash its loins so it could ask him ANYTHING. He introduced himself like he was starting a bad online dating profile ("I'm a Scorpio and I love tater tots,") so it was pretty easy to see that the digital world was in for a real treat. Now, according to Lachey, hosting style is like hanging out at a bar without any high pressure questions, so his ostensible predilection for avoiding questions about less-than-family friendly fare may be attributable to that. Anyway, here are ten things that you might not have known about him that you can learn from the conversation he had with the Internet.

1. One Tree Hill Was A Dramatic Challenge For Him

When asked what it was like to work on the teen drama, Lachey replied: "It was some of the hardest acting I've ever had to do."


Okay, there's more to it. He PLAYED himself. He said, "Playing yourself is harder than it looks." You're right, Nick. But still, you're still a hardworking thespian in my eyes.

2. He Doesn't Eat His Vegetables

He told the Internet what ate today! He ate the astoundingly healthy combination of "a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, blueberry muffin, maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal, and that's it." That's it?!?! Look, I'm all for eating your feelings, but you need some green in your diet, Nick Lachey.

3. Charmed Makes OTH Look Like Shakespeare!

Well, according to Lachey, it sounds a better experience. He said, "Working on Charmed was an incredible experience. Leslie was a lot of fun to play and certainly working opposite Alyssa Milano was a fantastic experience." So it was both incredible AND fantastic. OTH was just plain old HARD.

4. He Has ALLERGIES, And He Wants Us To Know About Them

When one Redditor asked, "What's one thing about yourself that people don't know about you that you wish they did?" Lachey responded, "I feel like everyone knows everything. But I'm allergic to mold, grass, and dust." Okay, so now we all know to keep mold away from his face during our close encounters.

5. He's A Pie Man

Well, as opposed to a CAKE man, 'cause you know how those cake men are. In Lachey's words, he said, "More of a pie man. Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, cherry being some of my favorites."

6. He Will Not Answer Questions About Jessica Simpson, Chicken, Or Tuna

AND he ignores them!


One Redditor asked, "Was there any serious competition or awkward tension between yourself and the boys of BSB or NSYNC? Any Anchorman News Team-like showdowns?

Lachey's reply is a big womp-womp for those of us wanted pants-off dance-offs:

"Sorry to disappoint. But the answer is a boring one. There was only mutual respect and admiration between those of us in the "Boy Band" world (seriously, I just made air quotes). No sing-offs, no dance-offs, no fight-offs. Just party-offs."

Tell us more about these party-offs, Nick! Oh, please, do, for the sake of the Internet!

"All I meant by that was that we all enjoyed hanging together, whether on the stage or off."


8. He's 40

In case you forgot or never knew!

9. He has OPINIONS on global warming. Waxing environmentally, eh?

When a Redditor asked, "Do you believe with current global warming standings you would still be 98 degrees?" Lachey replied yielding to all of us his penchant for philosophizing about the environment.

"For a minute, I thought we might have risen to 98.4, but since the polar vortex, we have been returned to our normal temperature of 98 degrees."

10. His Guilty Pleasure Is Listening To Barry Manilow

Which easily could have been the soundtrack to this AMA.